im hoping for a metal station thats actually good.

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  3. im hoping for a metal station thats actually good.

User Info: StarGoy

4 years ago#61
Speaking of tiers; kudos to anyone who listed bands outside 'me too' metal such as Maiden, Metallica, Sabbath, Megadeth, Slayer, Motorhead, and Anthrax.

User Info: dooyaunastan

4 years ago#62

give me these 2 songs and los santos will never be safe. ever.
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User Info: Snake112692

4 years ago#63
I would like some LoG, old atreyu, Whitechapel, daath, and soulfly. Maybe some machine head... I'm not picky when it comes to rock\ metal.
I like core stuff also. Bfmv, this or the apocalypse, and regular stuff like hinder, and tool.
And if any old stuff, motley crue all the way :)

User Info: Governator00

4 years ago#64
Metal has soooooo many different genres that it will be impossible to please everyone. I agree though, deathcore is garbage. Although, I think that metal is definitely an acquired taste for most people. I used to hate it until I actually sat down and listened to it and then I realized that it was my favorite genre.

Oh, and just for kicks and giggles here is a good metal song that I like. Not sure what genre it would be under lol.
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User Info: holden4ever

4 years ago#65
^ Progressive metal.
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User Info: Dragonivon

4 years ago#66
They should just get a hold of 331Erock from youtube and have a whole radio channel with his heavy metal guitar renditions. Here's an example: Tell me that wouldn't make things more epic.
"It is much easier to be critical than correct." ~Benjamin Disraeli
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  3. im hoping for a metal station thats actually good.

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