this game is so sexist

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  3. this game is so sexist

User Info: thor333

4 years ago#21
bish0p2004 posted...
thor333 posted...
bish0p2004 posted...
ipl20 posted...
gawd y can't u jus play as a female. rockstar must hate women that is the only explanation

They're racist too....I wanna play as a native american in this game!!

I just played a game where you could, wasn't that good.

You're racist

Maybe I am or maybe I AM!
Call me hadouken because I'm down right fierce.

User Info: TRC187

4 years ago#22
nativengine posted...
Because they know you can only play the game 23-25 days outta the month with a female protagonist.

Comments like this reassure me that there are still cool, sarcastic people out there like myself that don't cry and whine about everything under the sun, and take everything so literally. So,... theres only one thing to say... ***wipes brown***
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  3. this game is so sexist

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