Which GTA did/do you enjoy more?

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User Info: Kingsfal

5 years ago#1
Which of the following GTA games did you enjoy playing more? - Results (348 votes)
2.3% (8 votes)
6.03% (21 votes)
20.98% (73 votes)
48.85% (170 votes)
16.09% (56 votes)
5.75% (20 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Seeing that everyone seem to be making this topic but no one added a poll to it.
I know the list does not contain every GTA game that was ever out there, but these are imo the most prominent ones.
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User Info: masterosports

5 years ago#2
Now watch as Creep and TRC take this board over.
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User Info: Dave_Gahan

5 years ago#3
San Andreas

User Info: angeldeath21

5 years ago#4
This board isn't a good place for these polls... many people here are very vocal about their preference for GTA: SA over anything else, and they're not really a good reflection of the overall GTA community.

I'd be interested to compare all the poll results pre-release and then see how they stack-up to poll results post-release -- something tells me SA won't win out as much post-release as it does now.

Anyway, GTA IV is still loads of fun. I've poured hours into that game and it just doesn't get old to me.
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User Info: Kingsfal

5 years ago#5
I agree with you as I too think GTA4 is way superior to the previous ones, but it seems lots of people disagree, I did not really think this many people would prefer SA over IV till I started coming to these boards.
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User Info: Mega_Skrull

5 years ago#6
Can I represent the rational non-fanboy crew who prefers SA a 100 times over GTA4, but still admits 4 was good?
So yeah, no hard feelings, but I was really disappointed with all the things that I had fun with in SA that were cut from 4, even with 4's story and technical improvements. SA for me anytime.
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User Info: Gamerguymass

5 years ago#7
San Andreas for me as well. Though I am sad because mine ended up getting scratched and now doesn't really work because of my PS2 getting screwy. Damn thing sounded like it was doing something weird and so I hit the top of it and now my SA disc is basically unplayable from being scratched beyond repair. Same thing happened with Kingdom Hearts II as well. :-(

To me SA just felt more fun. There was always fun stuff to do and since there was so much variety in the game you didn't get bored as easily. You could hang out in the city or go drive around the country side. Not to mention you could go to a completely different city and then another one and it felt more fresh. My favorite part would have to be the gang war where you had to take over the territories. To me GTAIV was kind of like, 'ok I beat the main and side missions, now what?' It just didn't seem like there was as much to do. And to be quite honest, the whole pigeon thing pissed me off and I had no real desire to find the 200 pigeons like I did find the 100 packages/tiki totems/gang signs in the others. Anyone know if anything has been revealed about what the deal is with this?

I think what it really comes down to though on why SA > IV is very very simple:


User Info: creep50

5 years ago#8
masterosports posted...
Now watch as Creep and TRC take this board over.

not really....when someone posts empty insults and nothing else...it just tells me that he probably dosnt have much to say


on topic tho i was really disappointed in gta 4 it just seemed that there wasnt much to do in it i dindnt feel like it controlled very well

san andreas tho just did everything right and there is so much to find in it (full gameplay elements) that are really fun to play around with...you can use alot imagination when playing that game

not to mention all the different types of vehicles and guns
San Andreas > > > > > > > > >Desert Bus > > > > > > > >GTA 4


5 years ago#9
Gta4>>>>>>>>>>>san andreas fact

User Info: Mega_Skrull

5 years ago#10
CADE FOSTER posted...
Gta4>>>>>>>>>>>san andreas fact

Loved the argumentation and eloquence. Would read again.
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"That sounds so perverted, dude. ._." - M
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