Which Game Had The Best Soundtrack?

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User Info: Stabs2503

4 years ago#31
Vice City hands down, I use to just cruise around listening to this lol

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User Info: Dunmer999

4 years ago#32
San Andreas is my favorite so far, cuz I like 90s music the most. K Dust and Radio X were great, and the hip hop stations had the best kinda hip hop in my opinion.
Love is what gives you true strength. Pokemon, Naruto, and Grand Theft Auto taught me that.

User Info: gregbest90

4 years ago#33
Vice City, nothing short of a masterpiece to me. San Andreas was great for the variety it had but it's gotta be VC. 4's was cool but didn't quite have the same impact on me as the previous two. I like 3's, has a nice blend and the Alchemist/Stretch Armstrong on Game Radio was just brilliant. The Stories versions of LC and VC also had brilliant music selection, both of which I think resonated with me better than the next gen effort despite the variety 4 had on offer because LCS was at the height of my childhood musically and VCS was just more 80s goodness.

VC-SA-VCS-LCS-4(Just over 3)-3.
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