one thing i would love for free roam

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User Info: animalswillrule

4 years ago#1
Its two part One idea for the cars radio to be able to play music from your Xbox I know you could just play the music from your X box but then it would keep playing when you got out of you rcar which isn't what I was going for

The second or I would love is for other players in and around your car to hear what you are playing even if it's just when a player gets in your car they hear the same thing you do would be pretty cool for hanging out with friends online

I Dream of chasing people around in my car blaring out the Benny Hill theme song

User Info: Bob_Esrock

4 years ago#2

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User Info: animalswillrule

4 years ago#3
The cars radio syncing up with otherplayers so they hear what youhear if your in the same car ...... possibly with a custom station from music. On your hard drive..... I don't know a better way to explain

User Info: VG_Soldier

4 years ago#4
I think I understand and I agree with what your saying. Little features like those are nice.
The music outside of the car thing would have to be explained as being an iPod sort of thing or something, though.
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User Info: animalswillrule

4 years ago#5
In gta 4 even if two pol were on the same station in the same car chances are they would be hearing 2 different song

As far as the music outside the car though have you not heard how loud some peoples blast their music lol

User Info: BornAgainSavage

4 years ago#6
both of those would be cool. itd be neat to battle over the radio in a four person car :D

User Info: animalswillrule

4 years ago#7
Only in this instance you can shoot them and be like no. My radio.

Plus the custom music would be awesome you hop In turn on your own song and drive away. I'm imagining car chases to thunderstruck. Or driving across the map to the tune of highway star

User Info: CruorComa

4 years ago#8
As long as it's a feature you can turn off. I couldn't stand it if I were forced to listen to music genres I consider to be garbage.
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User Info: animalswillrule

4 years ago#9
True but on the flip side of that you might be able to find something you never knew you'd like

I agree though I enjoy classical music at times but I'm probably in the great minority there

User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#10
Wouldn'tr work unfortunately. Its too much data to stream, the lag it would cause for most people, would destroy the game.

Good Idea in theory, but too much until the world is better connected to the internet.
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