April 16, 2013?

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User Info: FatDude87

4 years ago#11
My local Blockbuster went under either last year or year before last. They sold literally everything in the store like shelving, computers, carpet, ect. I Bought some movies for as cheap as $.50 cents. It was a pretty epic day.

The real odd/funny thing is if you look inside the vacant building there is still a random box full of what looks like DVD's in the center of the store. If anyone ever rents the building out again they might get a cool little gift.

User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#12
This thread makes me sad. I miss Blockbuster, so many games I got to play when I was younger that I couldn't possibly have afforded to buy.
Favorite game to date - Xenogears \/-/-/-/\

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