We need a creepy side mission of some such.

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  3. We need a creepy side mission of some such.

User Info: Missy_Magoo

4 years ago#1
Something like running into some old lady out in some small, run down home out in the counrtyside and she tells you how she saw a plane go down in flames the other night and nobody believes her, then begs you to go see if anyone survived and help them becuase she is worried that someone is hurt.

You arrive at a plane wreck in the woods and you run into a local hunter who tells you that this plane crashed here 15 years ago, so you admit that the old lady is getting senile.

But then when you tell him about the old lady in the house nearby, he tells you that there is no old woman who lives there. In fact no ones lived there for years.

Something to shock you in the ending, or make you think " oh my god".

User Info: ninjaman148

4 years ago#2
Kind of that one side mission in Red Dead Redemption where...


Some old woman sitting outside an abandoned church asks you if you have seen her soon to be husband in town and asks you to go and find him because they're supposed to get married today.

But then you find out later that he's been dead for over 20 years.

Or that other mission where this old guy living in a small cabin by a creek asks you for help on bringing flowers for his wife who he says is in the cabin because its apparently "hard for her to get up and about" since she's "too old".

After bringing the flowers, the man thanks you dearly and asks you to come into his cabin and have some tea and blackberry pie that his wife baked.

You find some rotted, mummified corpse sitting in a rocking chair.

John Marston is greatly disturbed and leaves as soon as possible

Man: "Ain't she a pretty one???"
John: "Yeaah...... Uh you don't look a day over thirty ma'am.. :l"

Man: "Ohh we play bridge on Thursdays!"

Dear lord.
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User Info: NOTORiOUS_X0042

4 years ago#3
we need another truth type character

User Info: jazztronaut

4 years ago#4
yeah there were definitely some creepy side missions in RDR
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User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#5
I loved those missions in RDR and GTA4 had the one with the guy who was cutting people's heads off. I think we'll get a few creepy missions
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User Info: TheKyubi

4 years ago#6
I agree.
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User Info: 03343

4 years ago#7
Yea i would love if they somehow continued with the truth missions back from GTA SanAndreas, not truth himself since they said no characters from PS2 era wont make a comeback, but maybe just a mission where we learn about what truth had found, that would be cool but probably won't happen.
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User Info: whiteboygene

4 years ago#8
lol TC I like how no one noticed you ripped that directly out of the Far Cry 3 side mission, pretty much word for word.
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User Info: DanseMacabreOG

4 years ago#9
An entire mission will be dedicated to finding out who really was PHONE.

Spoilers, it was Gus from Breaking Bad.

User Info: jimbobrulez

4 years ago#10
whiteboygene posted...
lol TC I like how no one noticed you ripped that directly out of the Far Cry 3 side mission, pretty much word for word.

its like gta: sa... Carl should've had 1 star at all times, just being a black guy in 1990s L.A.- Masonator 2002
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