Songs that absolutely MUST be in GTA V

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User Info: DoberBoi

4 years ago#1
For me it would have to be:
Fastlane-Eminem and Royce Da 5'9. Every time I hear this song I get the strongest urge to put the "peddle to the metal!"
Natural Born Killaz-Dr.Dre and Ice Cube. For the LONGEST time I wanted this song in a GTA. It would've been perfect in San Andreas given it's whole gangsta vibe but honestly it would go well with just about any GTA.

Well those are my tops picks, how about you guys?

User Info: dorkod_x

4 years ago#2
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. II

User Info: TRC187

4 years ago#3
dorkod_x posted...
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. II

Ha, I clicked this thread to see all the stupid songs people wanted... then saw this... and couldn't agree more.

Good stuff bro.

Might as well add "survival of the fittest" too tho, just to be complete.

User Info: dorkod_x

4 years ago#4
and also...

Madvillain - Raid
Madvillain - All Caps

User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#5
There's no songs I think absolutely must be in the game as Rockstar has delivered time and time again but songs I'd like to hear would be:

How We Roll, Don Omar
This is a song I listen to when I'm in The Emperor about to race, just gets me pumped and in the mood to destroy whoever thought they could touch me or The Emperor

Electrified, featured in Midnight Club 2
One of 2 games that made me the skyline nut I am today. The other game being Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero, for those of you who haven't played it, it's by far thee greatest street racing game to ever be made, PERIOD.

Rock Bottom, Eminem
Fits well with Michael situation in the game and is just a good Eminem song that goes under the radar.

Return of the Tres, Delinquent Habits
Just a good song yo
Vegetarian- an old Indian word meaning bad hunter
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User Info: DoberBoi

4 years ago#6
Shook Ones pt.2 is a good pick. I listen to it all the time on my classic hip hip station on Pandora. Rock Bottom would be cool too (love that song) but I dont think it fits Michaels situation per se because he isn't flat broke or impoverished. He's losing his money but still has his phat @$$ house...for the time being. Just my two cents but all in all it would be cool to have it in there. But if thats what you believe then thats cool. Far be it from to stomp on one's opinion(s).

User Info: blue_infernus27

4 years ago#7
I would love it if they put in any song by The Killers in the game.

And I'd also be all for them putting "Big Poppa" by Biggie Smalls in the game.

User Info: goldw

4 years ago#8
Kyuss - Any song
The Elbow of Peace shall cast judgement on the guilty

User Info: xKeisukex

4 years ago#9
Kendrick Lamar - M.A.A.D City and The Art of Peer Preasure
GT- -AzN Shinji

User Info: puffinslaughter

4 years ago#10
Chief Keef-Love Sosa
MGK-Wild Boy
Waka Flocka-No Hands

pearl jam's for middle aged guys driving SUVs to their weekend softball game~ManOnBench ^_^
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