GTA III, Vice city, San andreas, GTA IV, RDR or Bully?

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User Info: TRC187

4 years ago#11
LordPoncho posted...

User Info: SilverShark9106

4 years ago#12
I enjoyed all the games but here is my opinion of favorite to least. in terms of fun and enjoyment.

RDR>Vice City>San Andreas>GTA IV>Bully>GTAIII -- Thanks,L4DHunter! -- Thanks,Bowser72

User Info: SamuariLegend24

4 years ago#13
Red Dead Redemption
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas

San Andreas had far too many dumb missions forced on you, San Fierro felt like a super half assed city, and Las Ventures didn't feel all that great either. Not to mention, the story changed so much, it's like they wanted to give everyone a little bit of everything they could throw in. Instead of focusing on a good story, they just packed in as much random dumb crap as they could. A DDR wannabe low rider game mode, and a lot of other just filler stuff.

RDR is a great game that I have played through like 8 times and it never got old.
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User Info: 00sham

4 years ago#14
this is a loaded poll!
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User Info: angeldeath21

4 years ago#15
caveman0887 posted...
I like how gta 3 is on the poll twice

The caveman notices this and no one else!?
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#16

Couldn't stand SA. Horrible story with bland characters and uninteresting missions. The only time I have ever been disappointed with Rockstar. - New gaming series
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User Info: mjc0961

4 years ago#17
Least favorite? Remember that this doesn't have to mean you think it sucked, just that you don't like it as much as the others. And as such, I'm voting for San Andreas. It could have been better if they'd gone with a protagonist that was likeable, got rid of those stupid RPG stats that made me keep running back to Burger Shot every 2 missions so I didn't start losing muscle, didn't have the completely pointless desert and country sections to artificially lengthen a game that didn't need to be artificially lengthened, and maybe focused on two main cities instead of three so that they could have been fleshed out more rather than being 3 bastardized cities.

That last bit is why I like the idea that they're supposedly just staying in Los Santos for this game. Should make for a really great rendition of LA this time around.
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User Info: joelanator0492

4 years ago#18
My least favorite was definitely GTA III. Don't get me wrong. I thought it was a lot of fun, but compared to the others, it wasn't as much fun. Each GTA just kept getting better IMO. And Yes, I liked GTA IV better than the other GTA games, especially if you had all the DLC. I did hate the dating part though. I hung up on everyone.

RDR is by far my favorite out of this entire list. It's still one of my favorite games of all time. It's also a game I picked up on a whim not knowing much about. Best. impulse buy. ever.

Bully was great too. I was always that good kid at school who, during his entire schooling from Kindergarten through Senior year, only got 1 yellow light (That was just a warning in kindergarten). So, Bully was great for me. I could do anything I wanted in the game that I was too nice to do in real life. I also played it my freshman year so I still liked that humor. I doubt I'll go back and play it again though. I want to remember it as a game I loved.

User Info: Pr3dat0r23

4 years ago#19
RDR was hella boring. Never finished it. I liked the idea of "GTA Cowboys" but it just was not entertaining enough for me. GTA 4 I couldn't finish because I got bored as well. Finished it like a year+ after its release just for the heck of it.

I have completed GTA SA's storyline about 18 times (yep!) if I counted correctly. Never got 100% on any save, but it was very enjoyable. Epic story and way too much content!!!
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User Info: hellfire582

4 years ago#20
GTA IV, by far the most boring. I thought the city was way too small considering it was the sequel to SA, the story was just a copy of any crime drama out there, the missions were all pretty much the same thing, the vehicles were lacking (especially no planes). Some of those things can be said about the games preceding SA, but those games had an excuse since they came out earlier.
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