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User Info: paint87

4 years ago#1
Will you buy GTA V for youre children? - Results (89 votes)
46.07% (41 votes)
53.93% (48 votes)
This poll is now closed.
If yes or no. Then why?
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User Info: Maximillian37

4 years ago#2
I'm confused as to what you're asking. "Will you buy GTA V for you are children?" Are you accusing people of being children, then saying that because they are children, that they will be buying GTA V?
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#3
My daughter is 2, so no.
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User Info: holden4ever

4 years ago#4
No because my kids are old enough to buy it themselves, although only my son would play it. Also, it will likely be R rated in Australia, not M. R = 18+.
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User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#5
I think it'd be pretty f***ed up if I bought this game for a 3 year old girl or a 5 month old baby girl. So obviously no I will not be buying this for my girls.
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User Info: Nutralguy

4 years ago#6
No, because I don't have children yet. My sister might not let my nephew play either.
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User Info: paint87

4 years ago#7
Sorry. If you answer the poll please explain why or why not. If i had a 16yr gamer i would in fact let them play. My parents didnt care about the rating and i turned out fine. Im sure my child will be able to know the difference between whats right and wrong in the real world.

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User Info: TRC187

4 years ago#8
I said yes, my kids play with the volume down and usually just drive around, they think its the funniest game ever... Its actually known in my house as the "Funny Game", not GTA..

I'm usually in the room while they're playing and if they start deviating from the normal routine, I let them know. I have really good kids though, they never use bad language and they absolutely know whats right and wrong. My boy is 7, my girl is 11. For example, if they notice the volume isn't down all the way and they hear a curse word, they quickly turn it down further.

Some may agree, most will disagree, I believe it really comes down to how well you know your kids and boundaries.

User Info: Famished_Corpse

4 years ago#9
While age should certainly be a factor in the decision by a parent of whether or not a specific video game is appropriate for their child , the child's overall character and sense of morals should be taken into account as well (though, obviously, some ages are just too young no matter how understanding their moral fiber seems to be).

What may be perfectly reasonable for one teenager, is not necessarily appropriate for another of the same age.
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User Info: enterthemadrox

4 years ago#10
TRC187 posted...
My boy is 7, my girl is 11. For example, if they notice the volume isn't down all the way and they hear a curse word, they quickly turn it down further.

Great parenting.

No sarcasm either, I genuinely wish there were more parents in the world like you raising kids right and having them know right away to do what they do when there's cursing around.

Might change things for the better if there were more parents like you because honestly, the world is full of idiots these days.
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