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User Info: ViciousXl2

4 years ago#21
No, cause I don't want kids
Standard issue is insufficient

User Info: MinunSS

4 years ago#22
Don't have kids. Wouldn't give GTA5 to a young child, but I think most 16-year-olds can handle it. Sheltered kids become adults with no knowledge of the real world.
Faster, faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death.
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User Info: tzar_666

4 years ago#23
im 39 i don't want kids either. nor do i want a girlfriend/wife. children cant handle mature subject matter and process it correctly. i wasnt even permitted to listen to meatloaf. my record player would of been smashed if i listened to todays garbage. why are kids so violence its because society is sick. and were living in the hell of are own making.

we are in hell and earth together on the devils black beach
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