What games are you playing until this comes out?

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  3. What games are you playing until this comes out?

User Info: Druff

4 years ago#21
Dead Space 3
Bioshock Infinite
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User Info: deadzombies456

4 years ago#22
Far cry 3- almost end of the game
skyrim still trying to get use to but getting bored lol
dead island playing through it again before riptide comes
dragon's dogma a fun game
darkness 2
and mainly about that

User Info: DarkLordMorsul

4 years ago#23
wreckateer.... and does netflix count?

A friend let me borrow Arkham City but honestly Asylum bored me sooo don't know if I'll bother really...
Skit Tells is Really good

User Info: zombieNaruto

4 years ago#24
Lots of games. Playing through Max Payne 3 again, got a building project in Minecraft tekkit, going to play through Paper Mario again, a few matches of Chivalry here and there. Plenty to keep me occupied until GTA5 comes out and then play nothing but GTA5 until next year :P
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User Info: joelanator0492

4 years ago#25
After hearing the release date for this game (9.17.13) I thought of this topic again. Looks like I will definitely have time to play through the whole Mass Effect series, Bioshock Infinite and Splinter Cell: Black List. Oh the joys of delays.

User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#26
I could go through my entire library before this game comes out.
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User Info: whirlmon

4 years ago#27
Gta marathon starting with part one

Pokemon black

Ddr extreme

Sfxt 2013
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