Release day for GTA V 9-17-2013

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User Info: art_of_the_kill

4 years ago#51
Wow, words cannot even express my disappointment. This was supposed to be my game for the summer.

Well, on the bright side, now I can go ahead and get The Last of Us when it releases. I was concerned that GTA V would take up all my free time and I wouldn't be able to play them simultaneously. Looks like that isn't the case now....
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User Info: BIG_C_4_LIFE

4 years ago#52
Right in the ****ing heart
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User Info: Kamil

4 years ago#53
Ricky Tony Leone posted...
3A) Take a hike through one of the many conservation areas of Toronto

Hmm I guess that beats playing Oblivion or Morrowind and imagining you are in the middle of nowhere. Granted there are some parks and woods I can walk to, but nothing that huge.
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User Info: SSJ4Bejita

4 years ago#54
Goddamnit, this means the PC version won't come out until 2014 if it comes at all. Oh Rockstar, how you play with my feelings...
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User Info: milkshakes793

4 years ago#55
so dumb -_________________-

User Info: davelicious

4 years ago#56
Rockstar knows how disappointed people are about this delay... but they aren't going to release a game they don't feel is complete.

I have a lot of respect for that. All of you complaining now about how much you have to wait are almost certainly the same people who complain when games get released and are in a buggy state, or don't quite have the polish they expect.

It's a bummer to have to wait longer, but it's good news to learn that Rockstar still cares this much about quality.
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User Info: I_know_u

4 years ago#57
Illumi_Knight posted...
snickerbar2029 posted...
Preorder cancelled.

Same here. Its more than half a year away. Absolutely pissed.
And now my Pre-Order poster lies to my face everytime I see it.
I've never been mad at Rockstar before but they said last year they were just finishing up cleaning the game. WTF have they been doing since that's their excuse this time? Dont get me wrong, some delays are understandable but they did this with GTA IV. Didn't happen with RDR. JUST GTA's..


Let it be known that rockstar doesn't reveal much. So they can't really promise a spring. I think they calculated how long it was gonna take for the actual release and spring was about right. But they had to extended to late summer because of the gun laws n such. They won't let us know because it will hurt sales. Let's look at this with 3 eyes here. They can tell us whatever they want.
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User Info: hellslave

4 years ago#58
does this mean no box art this month?
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User Info: Navex

4 years ago#59
WTF! ****ing BS. Nice one, Rockstar. No wonder they haven't said **** for a long time if the game was going to come out in September. Even worse, this long for one damn city. Hell, people have been so ****ed that Santos was the only city out of SA to be in if it took this long San Fierro and Las Venturas should be in too. What a joke...
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User Info: fceurich

4 years ago#60
if rockstar knows the people are all disapointed even gamestop and take two i hear are extremely upset why dont rockstar release some full blown gameplay or something along the lines then
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