Rockstar did the right thing.

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User Info: kevin1515

4 years ago#1
In this day and age video game companies are wayyyy to machine like pumping out glitch filled unpolished garbage just to meet deadlines. I respect rockstar for not giving us a trash game, which I'm sure they could have pumped out and made A TON of money off of. I truly applaud them for pushing the release date back to make sure the game meets the high standards this series deserves.

Stop all your complaining and whining. In the end we benefit from this.
Boston Bruins

User Info: blacklabelice

4 years ago#2
the quality level of the board sure isnt benefitting much from this but i agree.

id rather play something thats gonna work right rather than have to wait months for patches just to be able to play it. its not like its the only game i have or the only thing i have to do all spring and summer. the same cant be said about others though its getting pretty wild over here lately!

User Info: SilverShark9106

4 years ago#3
I agree as well but you can't satisfy everyone, some people want instant results rather than quality results. If I have to wait a few more months to play GTA V, so be it, I got plenty of games I've yet to beat along with other games that are coming out, so got games to play. -- Thanks,L4DHunter! -- Thanks,Bowser72

User Info: holden4ever

4 years ago#4
Rockstar are like Valve - games get released when they are happy with them and not because they are pressured by a set release date. A delay of a few months is nothing if it means the end product is (near) flawless. That said, Half Life Episode 3 should be the greatest game ever created. - 2012 NRL Season: Minor Premiers. Grand Final runners-up. Bring on 2013.

User Info: BoneKollector

4 years ago#5
A few intelligent people on gamefaqs, haven't seen that in a while. Certainly not in the same topic.
I don't remember asking you a GD mother ******* thang!!!
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