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User Info: CreepyE

4 years ago#1
Do you think there is any chance that the polishing (which I've only found out about today) they are claiming to work out, has to do with character movement animations mostly? I will be completely happy to wait as long as it takes if they're buffing out the small bugs with that. Games always look super fluid and perfect in trailers but they always have their own set of idiosyncrasies when it comes to awkward movements. Like detached vehicle entry and exits, and "one size fits all" weapon animations. It's amazon they can make things as fluid as they do with all the circumstances and variables everywhere, but the weird movements that remain always seem like something they couldn't perfect because of time, not resources or know-how. Do you think GTA5 will be the one that nearly perfects it?

User Info: A_Long_December

4 years ago#2
you're right

that is amazon

User Info: stangkid95

4 years ago#3
A_Long_December posted...
you're right

that is amazon

Knew someone had to point this out. Honestly TC well just have to wait and see. I'm not sure if that particular issue caused the delay but if it is I'm sure glad they're taking the time to work on it. I sure hope GTAV will set a new precedent in gaming animation. It looks amazon.....I mean amazing. Dang it.
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User Info: CreepyE

4 years ago#4
Oh Jesus, don't let Amazon become a meme haha.

User Info: PepeSilvia906

4 years ago#5
CreepyE posted...
Oh Jesus, don't let Amazon become a meme haha.

Well it won't now.
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User Info: whiteboygene

4 years ago#6
polish this

*wipes brown*
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