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I hope this gta has rpg elements

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  3. I hope this gta has rpg elements

User Info: ElChino223

4 years ago#1
I think the rpg element such as buying food, clothing, building strength and cardio are what made san andreas so great, and SA to me and other gta admirers is still the pinnacle of the gta series.Also the amount of weapons and vehicle choices was amazing as was the mission variety.

Will this game have rpg elements what is the probability it will have?

To me this game will only exceed san andreas by having large mission variety+rpg elements/customization+ and some sort way to interact with the narrative.
Not changing until San Andreas is remade.

User Info: M_Live

4 years ago#2
Would not mind this at all
I be on the porch ass naked with a shotgun

User Info: MShogunH

4 years ago#3
I really want to just flat out say "it won't" since R* already said there won't be any San Andreas style rpg elements (such as requiring to eat, building muscle mass ect) but... I'm not one of their employees so I'll just stick to: I HIGHLY doubt it
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User Info: cheese_game619

4 years ago#4
it shouldnt happen

its not gonna happen

you should feel bad for wanting it to happen

User Info: MShogunH

4 years ago#5
^ That too
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User Info: joelanator0492

4 years ago#6
See, if I wanted that, I'd play fallout or Mass Effect. I just want to destroy cars and set things on fire. thats why I'm buying GTA.

User Info: LordPoncho

4 years ago#7
Oh look, somebody trying to stir up a SA vs IV debate.
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User Info: Fenrimis

4 years ago#8
Im pretty sure they already said they're not doing it with this game but may plan to in future games. Their reasoning was 3 characters with rpg elements would be too much to manage.
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  3. I hope this gta has rpg elements

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