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User Info: the_arisen

4 years ago#1
Ok so what if R* made the game fully coop... and I dont mean the online features like the last game, or story based mission like red dead, but rather where second player would take full control of one of the two protags that you dont currently have control of. And kinda like fable 2 only way better done, what would you guys think of that? I think it would be great especially since lately all the multiplayer seems to either be death match or stand alone missions, but there has yet to be an open world game where two players can enjoy the full story of the single player game in a different way.. place your thoughts/ insults underneath...

also flame shield on
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User Info: CreepyE

4 years ago#2
I definitely miss split screen co-op and wish it was in as many games as possible. When I was growing up the only games that didn't have co-op were pretty much only RPGs. Open world games it might be harder to implement, but would be the most fun to play with a friend.

User Info: CharizardFang

4 years ago#3
That sounds like it would be pretty cool, but I think it would mess up the story because I dont think all the protagonists will be together at all times.

This might sound lame, but I think it would be cool if the character player 2 was in coop was a random pedestrian or something like that. To avoid problems in the story.

User Info: the_arisen

4 years ago#4
I'd be cool with the second player being a random
There is nothing in the bible that says Jesus wasnt a Veloci-Raptor
Raw dogging the internet (and your gf) since '93

User Info: angeldeath21

4 years ago#5
I'd love a coop story.

It could follow the tale of young Baxter, a chicken raised in a Tyson Meat Company industrial coop. He's tired of the restraints of being fed genetically modified feed so as to increase his breast size and one day decides to break free the shackles of oppression. Instead, he realizes he's too malnourished to walk and DIES.

Coop story ftw.
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