Would you buy a GTA HD Collection since the GTAV Delay?

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  3. Would you buy a GTA HD Collection since the GTAV Delay?

User Info: Duh_Bad_Guy

4 years ago#11
No. I already own the Xbox double pack and San andreas on GoD.
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User Info: Cr0ssFire_BlitZ

4 years ago#12
I already rebought GTA IV and plan to replay fo at least three months
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User Info: Achronos117

4 years ago#13
melvin343 posted...
Rockstar should do it on a Collectors Edition for Pre-order GTA: V and it needs to also includes: Special Weapons from start of the game, Art book, and GTA: Chinatown Wars for PSN and Xbox Arcade only. I pay $149.99 for that.

SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!! Rockstar get on this ish ASAP
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User Info: fceurich

4 years ago#14
gta vice city was just released for ps3 for the psn in HD but no 360????

User Info: KillerSlaw

4 years ago#15

Hell, Rockstar could just release GTAIII/Vice City/San Andreas for the PC with nothing changed except proper controller integration and I would buy it.
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User Info: Druff

4 years ago#16
I'd buy a GTA HD collection regardless.
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User Info: Bonezy_B

4 years ago#17
i had to answer with the if it was cheap option cause i'm jobless :( but if those 3 were on a hd collection i would probably still get it for $60 like every other new game...

User Info: kingekinge

4 years ago#18
All of these games are already in HD(technically above HD) on PC. And before anyone says my PC can't run these games come on... my 7 year old PC can max out GTASA.

User Info: TheAnalogKid06

4 years ago#19
Throw in the Stories games too and I would buy that instantly. The thought of Vice City and San Andreas in HD is drool worthy.
GT: TheAnalogKid06

User Info: Estabon1

4 years ago#20
Modernize the controls, throw some hd textures in, and I'm totally down. Maybe someday, it'd inspire me to play those games again.
XBL GT: Estabon89
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  3. Would you buy a GTA HD Collection since the GTAV Delay?

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