multiplayer zombie mode

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User Info: forgotten0285

4 years ago#1
call it ZTA

basically, its DayZ but in a GTA game.

not normally into tacked on zombie modes, but after how enjoyable Undead Nightmare was, I think a DayZ ripoff mode would be a huge success in this game.
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User Info: CruorComa

4 years ago#2
New and exciting concept.
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User Info: masachip

4 years ago#3
Zombies are so overly used right now, I can see why people are absolutely sick of it. That being said, I love zombies in games. A zombie game will always grab my attention.

That being said, I don't feel like a zombie mode would fit well here. I feel like R*'s resources would be better used elsewhere. Would I like to see a zombie survival game put out by R* using their current tech and know how, with a heavy emphasis on survival and not zombie slaughtering??? Hell yes. I don't want a watered down version within gta v though, especially if it detracts from gta itself.
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User Info: masachip

4 years ago#4 add to my previous statement.

Yes, I've seen trailers and info on the upcoming game: State of Decay.
Looks pretty alright, but I would basically like to see that same concept copied and put in the hands of R* and the RAGE engine. Plus, have multiplayer included. Not a mode, more MMO style drop in and drop out as particular individuals
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User Info: mentallyfunny00

4 years ago#5
I want fight terminator like robots instead.
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User Info: Mentalpatient87

4 years ago#6
Dinosaurs. That is all.
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User Info: paint87

4 years ago#7
I already said this a longgg time ago
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