PS4 coming Holiday 2013.

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User Info: PenMarkedHand

4 years ago#31
LordPoncho posted...
CruorComa posted...
Weren't Oblivion and Halo launch titles?

Oblivion was a second year title. Halo was in the third year.

And, as to answer the topic, Rockstar is doing the right thing. People would be much less willing to buy into the game if they had to purchase new hardware for it. And, in my honest opinion, the unveiling was very bland. There's very little that separates the PS4 from the notion of it's just a PS3.5. Social media, nothanx. Game streaming? Was supposed to kill PC gaming years ago and utterly failed, can't see it being any better utilized on consoles. It feels like Sony has lost touch with it's fanbase. Consoles used to be made to play games, and that's one thing that Nintendo continues to strive for, and a large reason why they're way ahead of the competition.

I'm not sure if you're trolling or just stupid. The ps4 is a console 'made by game developers for game developers' The problem with the ps3 was it was a b**** to code for which increased game development hugely. The social media etc, is also hugely important as online gaming has become a huge thing unlike the ps2 or earlier era. Sony is not only catering to every crowd, it's pushing the boundary's trying to make gaming a part of society (which i believe is happening very quickly). I have a friend who is a avid pc gamer, and unless it's an online game which requires a cd key he illegally downloads all his games. Why would game developers want to create games for the pc when half of the pc population will just illegally download it. PC gaming is doing a good job at killing itself if you ask me.
Thats what you get when you let your legs die! Woah!!!
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