to pass the time til gta5

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User Info: z3r0d0wn

4 years ago#1
ive started to replay the 3d gtas

starting with number 3 ( i loved the fact you obtain cash after destroying cars ), i wish this carried on..

currently up to the grand theft auto mission for kenji..... forgot how much i hated this mission

User Info: Darth_Rickey

4 years ago#2
im just gonna have to do what i usually do with games i really want.. i try to forget about the game. but sometimes that doesnt work haha. i just pray my halo 4 and 2k13 will get me by until NCAA 14 comes out in august
how the NFL and NBA LAbor agreements goes through a lockout for 100+ days each and MLB renews their **** in a day......

User Info: kevin1515

4 years ago#3
Boston Bruins
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