POLL: Which GTA had your favorite overall soundtrack?

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User Info: ViciousXl2

4 years ago#1
Which GTA had your favorite overall soundtrack? - Results (89 votes)
Grand Theft Auto III
4.49% (4 votes)
Vice City
50.56% (45 votes)
San Andreas
26.97% (24 votes)
Liberty City Stories
1.12% (1 votes)
Vice City Stories
3.37% (3 votes)
Grand Theft Auto IV
13.48% (12 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Personally, I love the Vice City soundtrack. I could switch to any radio station and just listen to it.
San Andreas is second, but it had a lot more that I didn't enjoy that much.
How about you guys?
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User Info: art_of_the_kill

4 years ago#2
Vice City, hands down.
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User Info: Vrresto

4 years ago#3
All the Vice City stations were good.

User Info: G-Ziss

4 years ago#4
Vice City

User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#5
I like them all but I had to vote Vice City. I also feel 4's was underrated, IMO anyways.
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User Info: sidstarter

4 years ago#6
by soundtrack, i thought you meant the actual music, like in the opening and in cut scenes, not the radio stations. gta 4 had great music, not so great songs on radio though.

User Info: Zingote

4 years ago#7
Vice City it is. San Andreas was good as well.
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User Info: CruorComa

4 years ago#8
VC by far.
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User Info: Cooldude4389

4 years ago#9
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User Info: L0Z

4 years ago#10
where is GTAII?

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