Lol half a ****ing year

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User Info: SBBrealquick

4 years ago#1
Spring 2013 lmao. What a ****ing joke.

User Info: CruorComa

4 years ago#2
Quite a funny joke at that. Would you join me in a laugh?
If you have a problem with potheads, throw your computer out the window right now. Why should you be able leech off the creativity of those you condemn?

User Info: LordPoncho

4 years ago#3
Your other topic failed, so you needed to post another?

Wouldn't be surprised if you get marked for spam posting.
"lol der was a shdow on my carpet but ti looked like a stane and tried to clen it up but ti was a shadoow" -Ghost4800
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  3. Lol half a ****ing year

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