Why is this game not having any new info or screen shots, nonthing in three mont

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User Info: hellfire582

4 years ago#21
Bardockpwnsjoo posted...
hellfire582 posted...
LordPoncho posted...
Why doesn't CoD get much press coverage outside of their yearly unveils? If you can answer that, you can apply the same answer to GTA.

Answer: Because we know what to expect. We know the basic idea of the game, and don't need press to do that for us.

I would actually appreciate more information about it. For example, it would be nice to have some absolute confirmation that there are going to be planes or more detail about the map size and types of missions we can expect. Those are the things that will influence whether I'm going to buy the game, and it would be nice to know whether I'd be interested sooner rather than later. Because if I am going to buy it, I can decide now not to buy other games that are coming out around that time.

Or you could just make a decision. I know you have to take things with a grain of salt in the gaming world, but Rockstar has been a solid company for a long time. We know what to expect with these games, and it shouldn't be hard to decide if you are going to buy a GTA Title.

As for the map, it's been stated that it's pretty much the biggest GTA map yet. It's going to be massive, so if you're worried about world space, don't be. As for the missions, really? You really need to be told what the missions are going to be in a GTA?

You are going to do crimes. You will rob, you will kill, you'll probably do something related to drugs, you're going to shoot cops in the face with a gun, and have car chases. That's GTA. The game is likely also sticking to the more realistic theme set in GTA IV, so don't expect jetpacks and learning to fly Harrier Jets by flying a prop-plane around an airfield for ten minutes.

More information couldn't hurt. I thought I knew what to expect with GTA IV, but the map was a lot more condensed than I expected, and I really thought the missions lacked variety. Also the loss of planes, jetpacks, and a few other vehicles were a huge drawback, though I did know that when I bought the game. If Rockstar were to clearly show that V is going to be very similar to IV, I might decide to just buy a different game in the next few months. On the other hand, if they show that they're bringing back a lot of the features of SA, I'd definitely just wait and get GTA V.

So, I think it really would make a pretty significant difference for a lot of people if Rockstar told us more about the game, even though all GTA games share several similarities. It's not that hard for them to release basic info, and it would probably help them lock in many customers.

User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#22
We really do know alot about this game. I'm more then happy with what info we have, I would however like another trailer that has a little bit more Franklin in it. But we do have some good info on the game.

We know:

3 protagonist who we can switch between on the fly in free roam and in missions that feature 2 or 3 of them.

Bigger then SA, 4 and RDR combined with room to spare, including building interiors and underwater landscape.

A good portion of the 3 protagonist back stories.

Planes are back

Tattoos, hair cuts, body building and such will not be back. We will be able to change their outfits however.

Packie will not be in the game but some characters from 4 will make an appearance.

Nightride FM

Greatly assumed will be able to drive a f***ing sub. And we know there will be sharks in the water.

Convertible cars can now how the roof put up.

Yoga and Golf are some new minigames.

No more dating

And a bunch of other stuff. For me, this is more then enough info. 1 more trailer and I'm good till September.
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User Info: MShogunH

4 years ago#23
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User Info: Lavargian

4 years ago#24
Whats this three months you're talking about? Have you been living under a rock or something? The last new info we got about the game is the release date of 9/17/2013. That was on January 31st...6 weeks ago, or in terms that you might be able to better understand...about a month and a half ago, no where near three months ago.
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