First thing thing you plan on doing with the current info available.

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User Info: SpoonForkKnife

4 years ago#31
Driving taxi.
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User Info: Jaws_Theme

4 years ago#32
SpoonForkKnife posted...
Driving taxi.

I like this guy's thinking.

When I start up the game the first thing I plan on doing is driving ambulance.

User Info: VincentVega13

4 years ago#33
nativengine posted...
VincentVega13 posted...
nativengine posted...
I'm gonna take a s***, new game smell makes me have to *wipes brown*

And if the game actually comes with a manual you'll have something to read before wiping brown, amirite?

Thankfully, GTA's game manuals haven't let me down yet. Hell, the poster/map if enough to keep me reading for a few s***s. I hate that most games don't come with a nice colorful manual with more then 2 pages. Just today I went out and bought Sleeping Dog, I've heard good things from alot of good people here so I finally picked it up. Anyways, I get home, already having to s***, open up the case and there's 1 piece of paper, ONE, that's not even enough to *wipes brown*

Aaah, the map. Totally forgot about gta maps. That's increased my stoke factor for this game by about 30% all on it's own.
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User Info: Fizzle007

4 years ago#34
1. Get a big van with any protagonist.
2. Go pick up all the other protagonists.
3. Grab a fit hooker
4. GB the **** out of her.

User Info: Huey_Freeman216

4 years ago#35
1. Fuel
2. Petrol
3. Gasoline
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User Info: forgotmypen

4 years ago#36
Cool topic.

Gonna turn off the in-game map and get lost somewhere scary.
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4 years ago#37
Pause the game & marvel at the size of the Map, & just try & look at each detail of this map, then proceed to explore my current LOCAL area, then do some missions & explore the areas I am introduced to.

I don't like to go off away from missions to explore first, I like to get to new areas via missions, then explore those missions in between missions. & as somebody else has said, I'm just gonna drive while listening to the radio & take in the atmosphere & see the sights.
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4 years ago#38
Walk out of Michaels mansion and walk down the side walk when the suns beating down and watch the world.
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User Info: SBBrealquick

4 years ago#39
first time the whole map has been open from the get go, im exploring that *****.

User Info: Rabite

4 years ago#40
Kill every one I see until the cops kill me. Repeat.
What's a rabite doing in a place like this?
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