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User Info: Road_Kill_666

4 years ago#1
GTA 6: GTA World
themed after 5 locations: Manhattan, Las Vegas, L.A., Hawaii, & Mexico

Story: a crime lord named Jesse Rios goes to prison after being betrayed by his right hand man who sells him out to the rival cartels leaving his Empire to crumble and be taken over.After 5 years, crime goes up all over and in desperation, the Government makes a Black Ops deal with Jesse to release him and give him his life back if he can take out the two major cartels. Upon release he meets up with his 2 grown kids Michael and Erin who hate him, tell them their mother went missing a year back. They begin building back up the empire to take on the rivals when they run accross news his wife might be alive.
The family does whatever it takes to get revenge as well as info, doing favors for thugs, cops, anyone who has tips or info on their mothers whereabouts. The daughter Erin, they're getaway driver and financial advisor, she manages the money and tells michael where to make pick ups and drops. the son Michael, their tech guy. he's more stealthy than his father and uses gadgets to steal cars in break into places, also has a knack for controlled demolion. And Jesse, an angry father out for revenge and to get hid wife and mother of his children back, fix a destroyed family, and escape this life once and for all.

Will go into descriptions of mini bosses and key players in next post.

User Info: ViciousXl2

4 years ago#2
I'll never understand masturbatory fan fiction.
The answer to your first question is shaddup

User Info: Road_Kill_666

4 years ago#3
Mini Bosses.

Hanz - a European car smugglers. Michael fell into huge debt while his father was in pison and Hanz helped him out in return for favors. Hanz texts Michael make and models of cars he needs and Michael has 48 hrs to get them to Hanz' drop off point no acceptions.
Michael get paid, and his hands aren't broken.

Molly Moore - Molly runs a high class escort service. She delivers females to high end clients for parties. If you ever need some "distractions", her ladies are available for a price and also in exchange for favors.

C-Money - Carl goes by C-Money and runs the West Side Rollers. They sale guns, drugs, and people if need be. If you need unregistered guns you go see them. But careful, C-money is about money if somoene wants you x'ed, C-money will with no problem. Watch your back

Captain Garcia - A corrupt Cop that runs all the police in Mexico. He takes bribes for everything and everything you do in Mexic costs even just getting there. He works for the cartels and if you don't have the cash to make him look the other way, every cop in Mexico will be looking for your family.

Agent Day - The Governement Agent assigned to track Jesse's progress and inform him when he's slipping. Whenever Jesse takes too long with progress against the cartels Agent Day turns the heat up on Jesse and his family. Crossing him is impossible and killing him is not an option. Tolerance is your only card.

Billy Hill - His friends call him Hill Billy, a wise cracking red neck who helped save Jesse's life in Prison. He's wild and unorthadoxed in every way. in Todays world He's the only person outside family that Jesse trusts. Billy is there to help out Jesse with advice, tips, and to pass info from in side the Prison to Jesse during visits about what he hears about the cartels.

HollyWill - A failed actor who has all the connections and knows everyone in Vegas. Will can always be found in a Stripclub, Casino, or Bar on the strip. He's tryning to self fund a movie project to get his career going and will trade favors for equipment. "aquiring" items he needs like cameras, props, ect are gold when negotiating with HollyWill.

Jimmy Sanz - a retired Crime lord from the old days. Now in his 70's, he lives his last years in a Retirement home alone. His family lost to the way he lived his life. Jesse visits him from time to time to be mentored on why family is important and makes sure Jesse knows that the wrong he does may cost him more than he wants to bet. Jimmy is wise and expirienced in the highs and lows of a criminal life.

User Info: cheese_game619

4 years ago#4
is this a jacksmma alt

User Info: Road_Kill_666

4 years ago#5
I forgot to name the last post "Bosses and Key players".

Side Missions.

Car theft missions - Missions where you have certain make/model cars you must locate, aquire, and deliver in a certain amount of time. Mission difficulty varies and some special high end vehicles will be Main Mission related such as Jesse, Michael, and Erin working together on certain missions like Stealing 3 cop cars from a Police Department, Stealing and delivering a Tank, stealing the Presidents limo, ect.

Eavesdrop Missions - When tipped about important meets between different gangs, cartels, Cops, FBI agents, and syndicates, Michael will go to certain spot and use different gadgets to eavesdrop on conversations to get intel on enemy plans, without getting caught or detected.

Escort Missions. Missions vary from picking up females from Molly and delivering them to locations or driving groups to a party( better get a van). Other mission would be using Mollys females as barganing chips in certain missions or as distractions in other stealth missions.

Trafficing Missions - Getting Weed across the border from Mexico.

Cab missions - Various pick up and drop off location missions.

Dirty Cop Missions - Respond to calls on the radio from drunk drivers on the road, to GTA, riots, robberies(stop the robbers take their money), shakedowns, ect.

User Info: BetelJoose

4 years ago#6
I was reading the first post and I was like "Sounds like a premise for Saints Row", then I read the second one, "It really sounds like Saints Row, West Side Rollers, Yep Saints Row", Then I got to the side missions... "GTA: THA ROW Edition"

User Info: Road_Kill_666

4 years ago#7
Never played the lasttwo Saints row games. Was just typing and throwing stuff out there. Thought it would be cool if the next GTA was more criminal Family based. Didn't know Saints did that too. Was also going to say East Side Thugs but figured someone would say something about it.

Do you have any ideas for the Next Gen iteration? story, missions, or locations?

User Info: BetelJoose

4 years ago#8
Ah, that's just my vibe from it, the SR series stopped being like that after 2.

Multiple cities is neat, I would like to see more Non-American locations though, but then put just as much American places in it.

You keep adding more ideas, it helps distract even further from the discussion "that must not be named."

User Info: B0vril

4 years ago#9
I'd still rather see one city and it's surrounding areas done on a humungous scale.

Multiple cities is over rate as hell.

User Info: Road_Kill_666

4 years ago#10
How many people would you want to see in online Next Gen gameplay for modes like TDM? 32? what about 48 players going around the huge city killing each other?
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