turn on your tv.

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User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#11
Daniel Tosh
Vegetarian- an old Indian word meaning bad hunter
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User Info: Kovalchuk_

4 years ago#12
Newman from Seinfeld.


User Info: puffinslaughter

4 years ago#13
Arthur Spooner (Jerry Stiller)

Hell yes
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User Info: georgiaboy11

4 years ago#14
Robin Meade(Morning express with robin meade on HLN)

...at least she's witty.
Taylor Swift is like a velociraptor, if she senses movement she will date it.

User Info: BetelJoose

4 years ago#15
Trinity Killer/Arthur Mitchell - John Lithgow

Well, this guy may put Eddie Low to shame.

User Info: VincentVega13

4 years ago#16
David Tennant. I don't know what to make of The Doctor being in GTA.
To err is human, to Arr is pirate.

User Info: 03343

4 years ago#17
Harrison Ford

Hmmm that would be a different role for him
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