What GTA car do you drive?

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User Info: xKeisukex

4 years ago#31
Mitsubishi Lancer GTS 2008 sooo Sultan RS ? Maybe
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User Info: beedyjuice

4 years ago#32
pyrokinesis666 posted...
I drive a dodge viper,

I believe that would be a banshee.

User Info: 03343

4 years ago#33
i drive a 93 two door gmc jimmy, so the closest to that would probably be the Rancher from SA

User Info: littlebro07

4 years ago#34
pyrokinesis666 posted...
I drive a dodge viper,

Pics or it didn't happen >_>
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User Info: IrisVile

4 years ago#36
I drive a 04 Mitsubishi Endeavor. But no SUV matches it, closes would be the Serrano, but that's a Mercedes SUV MLK(?)
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User Info: Rhyswr

4 years ago#37
nativengine posted...
2004 Skyline GTR so an Elegy

Didn't Nissan cease production of the Skyline in 2002?

Anyway, I drive a Y Reg (2001) Ford Fiesta, so I dunno, a Blista Compact at about 75% damage?
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User Info: tommyvercetti444

4 years ago#38
2009 Nissan Altima Coupe, not sure what the GTA version (if any) would be, Anyone know?

User Info: I_know_u

4 years ago#39
Maibatsu thunder
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User Info: ch3ck_n0rris

4 years ago#40
96 Ford Taurus... dunno what that equates to in GTA's world..
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