Free mode return?

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User Info: ramrod24xxx

4 years ago#1
Do you think Rockstar will keep free mode in GTAV? I dont see why they wouldnt...however sometimes developers tend to expand multiplayer in sequel titles leaving no room for the simple stuff :(
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User Info: PenMarkedHand

4 years ago#2
I put my life on it.

They havent said anything about multiplayer but they say its gonna be amazing and doing something that has never been done.

Who knows what they r up to
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User Info: SSBBaddict

4 years ago#3
Absolutely. It will definitely return. They would NEVER remove the best part of the online experience, especially since they said that this will be the best online GTA experience thus far.


4 years ago#4
without free mode my friends and i would never play it just messing around in free mode is why we still play gta4
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