What's your favorite vehicle in the history of the series?

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  3. What's your favorite vehicle in the history of the series?

User Info: FTWWholeFnShow

4 years ago#11
I always liked the BF Injection
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User Info: FutureShockUK

4 years ago#12
Sabre GT in Yellow with Black Stripes or Black with White Stripes. I went on my Original GTA 4 save a little while back from my first run through, and literally every safe house has two Sabres outside, all with different paint jobs.
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User Info: Williambatson

4 years ago#13
APC in GTA IV. Sure, it was slow as heck. But it was extremely strong and it could had quite a fast fire rate. :]
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4 years ago#14
I liked the Rancher from IV.
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User Info: uNc0nTr011aB13

4 years ago#15
The Hunter helicopter
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User Info: TRC187

4 years ago#16
Fav bike - The Hayabusa clone - Hakuchou

Fav boat - The Smuggler

Fav car - I really can't choose, so, all of them.

User Info: mst3kfan78

4 years ago#17
The Sabres were my favorite. I loved them in SA. I would always paint them black, tint the windows and put some of the beefiest tires they had. I filled my garages with them and whenever I was going out to just wreck **** and kill people, I would hop in one of those babies and feel like a bad ass killer.

My second favorite car was the Mafia Sentinal from GTA3. That thing was just awesome and when you could keep the one you got on one of the missions that was bulletproof just made it even better.
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User Info: Incredibad_77

4 years ago#18
The GTA3 Mafia Sentinel is a classic. Comet and Sabre from GTA4/VC.

I always liked the Slamvan too, weird thing.

User Info: Toppercool

4 years ago#19
Incredibad_77 posted...
The GTA3 Mafia Sentinel is a classic.

This. Still my favorite as well.
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User Info: unclekoolaid73

4 years ago#20
NRG900 i think it was called. Its the super fast motorcycle in SA.
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