How do you think GTA V will start?

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User Info: divot1338

4 years ago#21
They could do something like a Tarantino movie where you just see the beginning of the final heist.
Cut to black. Michael's voice tells how everything was so perfectly planned until things just went wrong.
Cue Travis on the bicycle.
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4 years ago#22
I think it should show Michael and Trevor and the rest of the team they had doing their "Final heist" back in the day. They would get the money and get over run by cops and FIB swat and run seperate directions Trevor see's Michael get caught and gets in a car and drives off. Skips to a scene where Trevor is watching the news and it says bank robber found dead he goes into a depression. Then it skips to Michael at his mansion talking about the FIB deal like in trailer 1 sorry for ranting on.
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User Info: ZodofWar

4 years ago#23
Game starts off with Michael laying about by the pool, trying to relax, when an argument with his wife begins, and he decides he's going out. This is where you learn how to change your clothes from your bathing suit, to your shorts and shirt.

You then walk downstairs and go into the garage, where you see your son is messing with his car. you ask him to go bike riding with you, and he says no. You then bribe him with money, and he says okay. But he's gotta beat you to the pier to earn the money. You then learn how to ride the bike, and if you beat him to the pier, you get that money put into your inventory, if not, you remain at $0.

Once you get to the pier, you have a conversation about life and what it's like to get everything you want, and how dangerous it can be. It's here where his son gets upset and asks why he has to hold his hand during his mid-life crisis. He then asks him "what, don't you have friends?" and walks away. Michael stands there and looks off into the distance, Thinking to himself. "I had one...once."

It's here where we catch up with Trevor. Possibly waking up from a bender in the back of a gas station. As he comes to he sees that he's not only pissed himself, but by the looks of it, other people have pissed on him, too. In a rage, he attacks the people around him and we learn his rage power. After he defeats all the people he makes a few jokes and goes to leave. As he does, he is approached by a lady who is here to sell the gas station to him. It's here where you learn about the real estate in the game. He then tells her not to worry about the bodies and that he'll sign all the paper work later.

He then gets a phone call from Michael, and tells him he's in need of a friend. Trevor asks when he got back in town, and Michael reveals that he just got back, obviously lying. They then decide to meet. Michael goes over to a bus stop and sits down on a bench. It's here we learn about public transportation.

He is then approached by Franklin, who is looking for a house. We then take control of Franklin and learn about stealth as we sneak into the garage area to steal a car. As we do we are caught by a cop and they give chase. It's here where we learn about Franklin's time slow move. He executes an insane sideways drift in front of the bus Michael is on, and to Michael's amazement, he escapes the cop. This is where we learn about the wanted meter.

Michael gets off the bus, and goes to meet Trevor. The two have a conversation and decide to take a walk. Michael sees what Trevor is living in and is disgusted by it, but tries very hard to hide it. Suddenly, a gun goes off, and Michael ducks while reaching for a piece he doesn't even have. This makes Trevor laugh, as he's never seen Michael without a gun. This is when Trevor brings Michael over to the make shift shooting range the trailer park has, and this is where you learn about Michael's time slow ability, and get your first gun.

Michael then tells Trevor he's gotta go, as he's starting a new therapist today. Trevor asks if he's any good, and Michael says "I don't know. I've never gone before." Trevor laughs and walks away, saying "Yea, because you're not anal retentive enough to check out his mail carrier, too." Alluding to how detail oriented Michael is.

It's here where we get our first real taste of the free roam. You can go directly to the therapist, or you can dilly dally, and it will change the meeting a bit, as he charges Michael for being late. This shows that there are benefits to getting places as fast as possible. Making a higher driving skill more valuable. This is where we get the run down on skills.

This is all I got right now. But I had another idea bout the therapist laying the groundwork for Michael's return to crime. Something about getting a hobby. Hope it's not TL so you DR. Make that don't a do.
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User Info: Ubernoodlez

4 years ago#24
with some muszack
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User Info: whiteboygene

4 years ago#25
I don't know, but I'd bet that we start off playing as Michael and the other two characters become available through the story soon after.
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User Info: naughtynuggetz

4 years ago#26
whiteboygene posted...
I don't know, but I'd bet that we start off playing as Michael and the other two characters become available through the story soon after.

Probably very likely, seeing as he is the one who already knows both Trevor and Franklin.. and I read where Franklin is taken back when he first is introduced to Trevor by Michael in one of the previews.
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