I hope there will be better side stuff to do

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User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#22
First off, GTA is not lacking in side missions(taxi delivery, ambulance, vigilante, valet, brown thunder, assassination, skydiving, gang wars, street races car and bike, gambling, quarry, car theft, fire truck, hotring and blood ring, bmx, pimping, burglary, the driving/flying schools, drug delivery, pizza delivery, underground fights, the police computer hidden packages/shells/tags/pigeons/flying rats and I'm sure alot more I'm forgetting. So to say GTA is "lacking" on side missions is pure ignorance on your part. Lets not try to overplay Saints Row and Sleeping dogs as if they have a smorgasbord of side s*** to do. And when you compare them to GTA, they don't compare at all. GTA manages to have a s*** load of side activities and yet have far greater detail.

Secondly, as soon as people disagree with you you immediently come out insulting people, guess what? This is t the first time we've seen this topic and most of the time it's a SR fanboy just trying to troll.
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User Info: doraemonllh1989

4 years ago#23
Mentalpatient87 posted...
ChronoAce posted...
Actually a lot of you seem like really insecure fan boys and lack reading comprehension.

Oh boy, we're trotting out the two (three?) most tired insults this side of the internet. Make way, everyone, delicate antiques comin' through! Captain Butthurt here is mad we didn't like his snotty attitude right out of the gate, so he's busting out the oldies!

calm down ffs,i think you should play less video games /facepalm
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User Info: divot1338

4 years ago#24
whores. Whores! WHORES!
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User Info: sirgreenday

4 years ago#25
ChronoAce posted...
Anyone else feel like the GTA series is lacking in the side content department? Games like Saints Row and Sleeping Dogs have way better side missions to do while in GTA all you can really do is find hidden birds/packages and do a few races.

Sleeping Dogs, good side missions. Lol. They were a joke. Run a catch a guy and bring back my $$. In fact, there were no side missions. None.
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User Info: puffinslaughter

4 years ago#26
From: doraemonllh1989 | Posted: 5/6/2013 9:44:27 PM | #023
calm down ffs,i think you should play less video games /facepalm

The hell does that have to do with what he said?
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User Info: ZodofWar

4 years ago#27
Mentalpatient87 posted...
What you mean to say is weird, silly ****. You want weird, silly **** in this game. Sorry, R* is too busy creating a meaningful world, deep story, and good gameplay to focus on weird, silly ****.

EDIT: And I've been hearing this "there's nothing to do!" complaint for years about all kinds of games. For the love of god, grow an imagination.

Seriously, why is your name MentalPatient when you make more sense than the TC? SR3 offers childish distractions from an abysmal game. GTA's offer realistic distractions from a realistic game. Would a serious criminal really go around spraying people with feces? or rolling a giant, drivable ball of yarn around town? no. They might however play golf. or bowl. Or maybe go get a few drinks.

TC needs to stay with the SR series until he matures enough to realize he's more mature than the people making the games.
Being Difficult is easy.
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  3. I hope there will be better side stuff to do

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