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User Info: Stealum

4 years ago#1
With the heist theme, they'll prob be some mp mode based around it, but if free roam makes a return(which no doubt it will) that we can free roam and do random heist at our own leisure. While the idea of hiring your own crew in sp is awesome, having actual human players could make it quite intense. Granted making our teams is going be something we would have to put good thought into. I, for one, would appreciate a respected team, over joining with randoms. Could deff foresee, say meeting a "driver" who claims to have good skills end up lacking. Or more so being impatient during the heist, thus driving away ruining the plan. Anyways I can't wait to see the possibilities with this game.

User Info: TOO_BAD_FOR_U

4 years ago#2
Kane and Lynch style mp would be badass for sure.
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User Info: Stealum

4 years ago#3
TOO_BAD_FOR_U posted...
Kane and Lynch style mp would be badass for sure.

I have never played the mp, even though I have both. Community always seemed to be dead. But it looked intriguing.

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