Pre-order & Special Edition revealed! Shows a small photo of the map!

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User Info: Lord_Shadow_19

4 years ago#31
Damn you to hell Rockstar!


*throws money at Rockstar*
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User Info: hellslave

4 years ago#32
I wonder what changes in the game, to enable pre-order players blimp access...
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4 years ago#33
Hat is the only thing i like i will buy that separate

User Info: dontneedaname

4 years ago#34
Yes, I can pre-order the game finally!
Have no idea what I'm gonna do with the hat though, since I don't wear em.

User Info: Mentalpatient87

4 years ago#35
Looks like I'm going for the mid level Special Edition. I kinda want that bag, but not enough to pay so much. That hat would look ridiculous on me, and I'm sure that box is cardboard.

Kinda sucks that the blimp is a preorder/day 1 exclusive thing (until they put it out as cheap DLC) since it's been shown and talked about since the first trailer. I wonder if it will still be up there if you don't have the DLC, just not drivable.

I'd kill to see that poster all the way rolled out..
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4 years ago#37
The blimp is for everyone who pre-ordered, don't see what the big deal is... It'll either be a code that the retailer has or a code that's packed in with the game, if it's the latter then it'll be available to people until the first run of copies is sold out.

fakesoundofprogress posted...
oh yeah Im sure less than an hour into the game Im not going to care about some basic weapons! And if you dont have 25% recovery on your abilities then have it taken away, your not going to miss it

I just dont like it! I dont like the pre-order and get this extra bonus thingy idea either, personal opinion that I understand not everyone is going to agree with! I just think that companies should just make the full damn game and release it for everyone!

When GTA IV came out, their DLC was basically a whole new game in the form of The Lost and the Damned, so I was kinda hoping that R* wouldnt be a part of this new business model games companies seem to be doing!

I know its a business and they wanna make money, but it still annoys me!

Whaaa? TLATD was a $15 expansion that came out almost a year after GTAIV, it's nothing like these little incentives that are largely meaningless in the long run. Are you against that or you hoping Rockstar would follow this suit again? There's really no indication that they won't, especially since they did pretty much the same thing with RDR.
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no sorry what I meant was, that when they bought out DLC, it was basically a whole new game, now the trend is these little mirco-DLCs and bonuses for people who pay more

User Info: cheese_game619

4 years ago#39
how has no one mentioned getting 'classic' gta characters as models to use online

it also confirms that you can create your own character for online play

From: Mentalpatient87
I kinda want that bag

its the worst thing in that pack. the keychain is better. that bag is ugly as f***

anyway i f***ing hate that they are doing this preorder extras bulls*** and hopefully they announce that some of the stuff with be available later or something because i hate this trend. most of the stuff seems passable anyway but we'll have to wait and see

User Info: B0vril

4 years ago#40
edwdesir posted...
Here's a better view of the map:

I was pretty worried it would small & that does look pretty darn small for a city. But then again it may extend further south.

DieKoog posted...
I am wondering how big the blueprint map is, though.

21.5” x 26.75"

Pretty big.
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