Ability to spit on people: yay/nay?

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  3. Ability to spit on people: yay/nay?

User Info: hellslave

4 years ago#1
I think it'd be kinda funny. Maybe a little something we could do to people while unarmed.
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User Info: cheese_game619

4 years ago#2
dont see it being worth assigning a button to

User Info: uNc0nTr011aB13

4 years ago#3
Maybe after a particularly vicious melee KO Trevor could spit on their face, but I can't see them assigning a button for it.
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Take the idiot test; read line above for instructions.


4 years ago#4
How about the ability to s*** on people? To perform it you'd hold down the analog stick buttons and down while standing over someone, it would bring up a targeting mini game.

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User Info: bugs13

4 years ago#5
Wouldn't mind seeing a taunt ability with unique ones for each character. Not quite sure if there is a free button for that though.

User Info: YoungingV3

4 years ago#6
i want a fart button instead

User Info: G-Ziss

4 years ago#7
Sounds like you all should be playing Saints Row instead.

User Info: moshaspartan2

4 years ago#8
hey, it was fun in dead rising.
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User Info: jaytheultimate

4 years ago#9
it sounds better for saints row to have that kind of feature. So, sorry nay.
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User Info: MasterSemaj

4 years ago#10
Apparently no one so far really played GTA 1 or 2.


I want this ability back.
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  3. Ability to spit on people: yay/nay?

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