Delayed Again? Now from september to december?

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User Info: cheese_game619

4 years ago#21
this is damage control in its lowest form

"hey guys look at this"

"we've seen it and its clearly wrong"

"lol i was just trolling! i got you!"

similar to the picture posted earlier, i didnt want to quote it because ive been suspended for posting that exact picture

more than once

User Info: cortana64

4 years ago#22
revan292 posted...

Rumor going around that it could be delayed yet again, this time from September to December. Though this could be a misinterpretation and simple confusion with microsoft's released date of a deadline for the 1600 point bonus.

Does anyone think this rumor has any validity or that the game will be delayed once again, past September?

RockStar would be looking at no less than 2.4 million dollars in fines if that is the case.

User Info: LordPoncho

4 years ago#23
revan292 posted...
LordPoncho posted...
First off, you're a terrible troll.

Secondly, I've examined TGIs multiple times. Microsoft does this EVERY YEAR. With the SAME EXACT WORDING. Note, caps for emphasis.

They offer the 1600 points for any purchase through the end of the year.plain and effing simple.

This run or has been going around since before we even had a release date. Do you think Rockstar would have somehow known back when it was a Spring release date that it was coming holiday season and yet given us September 17th? Use some damn common sense and stop trolling people who outwitted you.

Perhaps try reading first before raging next time? It's considered a rumor and is speculation not decisive fact, and was asking for opinions, but your pissing and moaning is just as speculative.
U mad?

I mean...the fact that I reference the deal must surely mean I didn't read it, right? There was no rage. There was caps for emphasis. Parts that are most important because this isn't the first nor last time Microsoft will do this deal.

There is no speculation. This rumor has gone on since before we had a release date. It was more valid then, but the release date threw that out the window entirely.
"lol der was a shdow on my carpet but ti looked like a stane and tried to clen it up but ti was a shadoow" -Ghost4800

User Info: buttonmasherer

4 years ago#24
nativengine posted...
buttonmasherer posted...
nativengine posted...
The f*** is going on in here?

sexy time!

*takes off clothes*

Either leave or stay and get weird, your call?

Lets get weird, bro.
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