I heard that there's going to be Bigfoot & a Mermaid in GTA5

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  3. I heard that there's going to be Bigfoot & a Mermaid in GTA5

User Info: TheWitchHazel

4 years ago#1
...and that there's going to be a super secret achievement for finding Bigfoot and then in the underwater portion will have a Mermaid and supposedly they're going to be super rare & hard to find.

I remember back when I was playing GTA San Andreas that supposedly Bigfoot was a super rare find. It turned out to be a rumor but wouldn't that be amazing if they actually did put it in Grand Theft Auto 5 and then put a single Mermaid for the underwater portion?

So is this true? I can't find anything on the net. If not I pray that it will be; it would be so awesome if they actually do implement this to the game. Make it super rare, secret achievement.

User Info: Sheazone

4 years ago#2
Yeah dude! I read the same thing about Bigfoot possibly being in the game! But the mermaid thing is new to me.

User Info: zeppelincheetah

4 years ago#3
No. They won't be in the game. Rockstar already did fan service with the Bigfoot in Undead Nightmare.
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User Info: B0vril

4 years ago#4
YEA!! It's about time Grand Theft Auto got back to it's roots!

User Info: Runner_style

4 years ago#5
It's not bigfoot, it's pedobear!
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User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#6
Vegetarian- an old Indian word meaning bad hunter

User Info: Happy_Robot

4 years ago#7
Actually Bigfoot was in San Andreas. I found it, and so did my friend.

User Info: GrandTh3ftAuto

4 years ago#8
I heard there will be an easter egg from The Elder Scrolls series in the game, in the form of the Fiji Mermaid.
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  3. I heard that there's going to be Bigfoot & a Mermaid in GTA5

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