Press O to greet (and other minor features from Red Dead Redemption).

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User Info: JGA1980

4 years ago#1
If there's one small feature from Red Dead Redemption that I hope gets implemented in GTA V, it's the press O to greet feature (although it wasn't started by RDR, I believe Kingpin and Scarface implemented that feature before RDR).

Some may argue that it's a pointless addition that adds nothing to the actual game, but I felt the ability to greet people added a lot to the characterisation of John Marston and made the game more immersive, it made you feel more of a connection with your character and the NPCs, and the world in general.

Sure Marston's repertoire of greetings was limited and could become repetitive, but the ability to respond to people rather then ignore everyone like an ignorant mute was a welcome feature in this type of game. I also liked the way Marston's demeanour and responses changed with his honour rating (some of his insults were quite funny), and I also like the way the standard greetings were expanded in Undead Nightmare... he had quite a few sage lines of advice to give to prostitutes about not getting eaten in the Zombie Apocalypse.

It would be great if this feature returned for the protagonists in GTA V, perhaps with the positivity or negativity of their responses changing depending their character, recent events, sobriety, or what kind of greeting you're responding to, or even having to press another button to modify whether you say something positive or negative.

Another seemingly inconsequential but rich feature I'd like to see return is the storytelling around camp-fires, in which Marston could join some travellers around a camp-fire and listen to them tell a story about recent events and missions, or tales about the game world and universe.

Obviously camp-fires would be anachronistic and out of place in most of GTA V, but perhaps it could be replaced with drunks in a bar or gossiping old ladies on a park bench or bus stop. You could got to a bar or sit down on a bench and overhear people gossiping about recent events you've taken part in or even events from GTA IV, e.g.: "Did you hear about the war between the Angels of Death and The Lost in Liberty City...?" or "Have you ever been to Liberty City? Did you ever go to that nightclub Maisonette 9? They say that the manager of that club once stole a subway train with a helicopter".

It would probably be totally inconsequential to the game (although perhaps you could hear tips about worthwhile places to rob), but it would be a nice way of adding Easter Eggs and referencing past games, thus making the HD universe seem more connected (like how the camp-fire stories about Red Harlow and the events of Red Dead Revolver made Red Dead Redemption seem more connected with the previous game).

What do you think about these minor narrative features and are there any other minor gameplay or plot devices from Red Dead Redemption that you'd like to see included in GTA V (like being recognised and greeted by other criminals or particular factions, e.g a group of The Lost who are cruising around could honk their horns at Trevor and should "Trevor you ugly son of a gun!")?

User Info: nativengine

4 years ago#2
O or B needs to be a GRAB button, not a GREET button. Far more useful being able to grab a mother f***er then it is to say "hello mother f***er".
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User Info: baueris24

4 years ago#3
I think they had something in San Andreas that if someone said something to you, you could respond positively or negatively. I think you pushed either the dpad up for a positive response and dpad down for a negative response.

User Info: JGA1980

4 years ago#4
nativengine posted...
O or B needs to be a GRAB button, not a GREET button. Far more useful being able to grab a mother f***er then it is to say "hello mother f***er".

Fair point, but this is more about the greeting/talking feature in general, not what you use the O button for.

Greeting could be assigned to any button, perhaps a less used D-Pad command rather than a face button. I just used O as an example because that's what it was assigned to in RDR.

User Info: DMan304

4 years ago#5
There's definitely the 'flip-off' button, but I hope it comes with insults like RDR had.

User Info: CoronelLink

4 years ago#6
I like the idea you mentioned of factions recognizing you and responding to it, especially that whole Lost scenario.

I hated how in Skyrim when you chose sides in the war you weren't really acknowledged. If you tried to shoot at an enemy escorting your faction's member, your fellow faction member would attack you.

I also like the implementation of the groups yakking away of stuff. Good place to get ideas of what to hit. Like you said, maybe a group of old women on a park bench could say something like: 'I was at Diddier Sachs yesterday and they have a large array of jewelry. Now if I was that group of thieves going around, that's the place I would hit', or something.

One thing that this game definitely needs is action mapping. This way each player could map different actions to different buttons in different sets, mapping the actions most important to them.
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User Info: Red Lobstar

Red Lobstar
4 years ago#7
Greeting was a good feature. I kind of think they screwed up with the buttons this time around. D-pad is used for switching characters, so that eliminates 4 buttons that could be put to better use for grabbing, greeting, etc. Maybe it will work out in practice, but I think I would have been fine just switching characters via a phone command or in the pause menu. We'll see.

User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#8
I like these ideas. For me, I always want more immersion and interaction with the world when I'm NOT on missions or causing armageddon in sandbox games (my favorite type of game).
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User Info: FutureShockUK

4 years ago#9
I enjoyed Bad Karma John's insults and the ones when you're in Mexico. "Uh, Hoe-la?"
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User Info: VincentVega13

4 years ago#10
FutureShockUK posted...
I enjoyed Bad Karma John's insults and the ones when you're in Mexico. "Uh, Hoe-la?"

I can't bring myself to make John have a low honour/the other side rating. The conversations you have with Bonnie McFarlane concrete it in my head, "John Marston=good guy." I can't see the character being bad enough still to justify a low honour playthrough.
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