Why are people so hyped for this game?

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User Info: masachip

4 years ago#21
Dude, what are you even talking about?
Hyped? Psssh. I don't even know what game board this is. I'm just here hanging out.

Grand theft auto v? What's that? And what's with the "V" at the end of the title? Does it stand for something?
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User Info: Jas_Pata

4 years ago#22
aka - Nah Tso Gud

User Info: DISTURBED157

4 years ago#23
Jennifer_34DD posted...
B0vril posted...
Jennifer_34DD posted...
This game primarily appeals to young men, usually because "doing anything you want" to them means, blowing things up, killing people at random, and all the anti-social behavior that makes the establishment want to denounce gaming, as destroying our youth, and de-sensitizing them to violence. I've never played these games that way. I've had every game in the series, I've never killed a hooker, blown up anything for the sake of blowing it up and, I make it a point to not run down pedestrians while driving. (That's not always possible on some missions, but I do make it a point to try, even at the expense of failing the mission) I've gotten to 100% completion of the game on them all, committing only the violent acts necessary to complete the missions and have my character defend himself if attacked by an NPC (which happens less and less often as the games have progressed beyond GTA 3).

Here's my "pop" psychoanalysis:

This kind of game really exemplifies the power trip that video games often bring to the player. In your case it seems as if your knowledge of "the power" you have as a player in the game has you stuck in a kind of "foreplay" with the game world. You know you could just go mental, with out consequence, at any point. It's that expectation & potential of what you could do is what keeps you holding up a front as much as the game allows.

Basically you're a sociopath.


What on Earth would make you think that...are soldiers sociopaths? They could just go mental and commit genocide but they're just stuck in "foreplay" Here's my "pop" psychoanalysis. Maybe YOU want to go mental in the real world but you're too afraid to face the consequences that come with your sick fantasies so you take out your frustration in this fake world, which is why conservatives want these games banned. to keep real maniacs from snapping and taking their fantasies out on others.

Of course I know everything I just wrote is total bulls&@!. I don't know you or anything about you. So don't profess to know anything about me. I play these games for exactly the reason I said I did, and that's the end of it. Is there violence in this game, sure, but no more that any soldier fighting overseas might encounter. I do what's necessary to complete the mission and move on. So if you want to exercise your "power" without consequence go for it, but don't lay that crap on me. I don't want to go mental and kill anybody I don't have to, in the real or fake world.

Don't try to analyze me because your misery needs company.

generally speaking soldiers are sociopaths as they are trained serial killers...
It wasn't me it was the one armed man

User Info: agentkb2001

4 years ago#24
simple...it's because it is


it's not just a game.. it's an event in gaming! It's an experience!!!

'nuff said!

well for me the main reason is freedom...you can do whatever you wanna do..play it ho you wanna play it.

I love to explore the land myself...

R.I.P. Richard Pryor,The greatest.
President of the Red Ghost Motorcycle Club (GTA)

User Info: Jennifer_34DD

4 years ago#25
DISTURBED157 posted...

generally speaking soldiers are sociopaths as they are trained serial killers...

You stay out of this because that's just silly

User Info: Cameaux

4 years ago#26
Solnot posted...
I don't get why this game is so popular amongst gamers. Can someone explain to me what's so great about the Grand Theft Auto series?

Get out.
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