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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#1
Okay so I’m starting this to prevent redundant topics in the future, as well as help put everything known into one list, I’d be grateful if we can get this pined on the board so people can find it easily if possible, the main reason for this, is so people don’t have to scour the internet as much.

-Release Dates:

NA/EU/AU: September 17th 2013
JP: October 10th 2013

General Gameplay/Exploration Information:

-Takes place in the Grater Los Santos area, including countryside, and areas based on SoCal, such as the Alamo Sea based on the real life Salton Sea.

-Map is bigger than RDR, GTAIV, and San Andreas combined. In another statement by Rockstar the land mass is 3.5 times bigger than RDR and the Underwater portions are 1.5 Times bigger than RDR.

-Underwater Exploration involves huge ship wrecks, sunken oil rigs, caves, reefs etc. And includes Scuba diving equipment which can be found on some boats

-Aboveground we have forests, deserts, Los Santos, complete with an Eco system.

-Confirmed animals are Dogs (Various Breeds from the looks of it) Mountain Lions, Deer, Fish (Various Types) Sharks, Coyotes, and more to be revealed.

-Pedestrians all react differently to the different protagonists

-You can flip people off to provoke said reactions

-Minigame’s and manumissions, included are Golf, Yoga, Tennis, Bounty Hunting, Hunting, Racing, Repo missions, and much more, some like the Repo missions are charictar specific

The Protagonists:

-Take Controll of Three protagonists you can switch by at anytime (Once unlocked according to a recent interview) Their names are Michael, Franklin, and Trevor

-Michael is a middle aged ex bank robber who entered a deal with the FIB. He’s a family man going though what can only be described as a midlife crisis, his family hates him. His family consists of his wife Amanda, his Daughter Tracy, and his son Jimmy. They live in a mansion in the upscale Rockford Hills area of Los Santos. Michael being a skilled Gunman has the ability to slowdown time similar to Max Payne’s bullet time.

-Franklin is a gang banger, who is trying to get out of that life, he and his best friend Lamar work for an Armenian car dealership as Repo men, It is said that Franklin meets Michael on one of his jobs. Franklin has been seen owning a rotweiler named Chop. Being a skilled Driver Franklin has the ability to slow down time while driving, similar to Zone from Midnight Club 3 and LA.

-Trevor is an Ex-Military pilot, Ex bank robber psychopath who used to rob banks with Michael whom he considers his best friend. He currently lives in Blain County in a trailer park known as Sandy Shores, where he sells guns and Meth, he‘s violent, angry and dosen‘t give a s*** what people think of him. Being a skilled Psychopathic redneck, he has the ability to enter a rage mode, according to some sources this only works with Melle.

-Each Protag has their own clothes, tattoos, and haircuts they can purchase and wear.

-Each Protag has their own money pools and can buy their own Property, invest in businesses, stocks, buy vehicles etc.

-Each Protagonist has their own skill set which can be improved overtime, skills include:

-Each protagonist has their own animation set, to how they move in all areas of the game from walking to combat.

-While not in use each protag lives out their life, and you can find them, and also call and hang out with them. Unlike friends in GTAIV they don’t call you. I’m going to assume this extends to all friends in the game if there are any outside of the 3 Protags

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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#2

-GTAV Takes place in Modern times

-GTAV is as said before Set in Los Santos and the surrounding area

-There a Six heists in GTA in which you have to plan for, and can tackle in various ways

-During missions you can switch protags on the fly, as well as tackle some missions solo, or some missions with only a combo of two of them, depending on the mission.


Amanda: Michael’s wife. She’s your typical angry Beverly hills house wife, whom can’t stand her husband, spends all her money, and likes the finer things in life.

Jimmy: Michael’s Son, he seems to be in his late teens to his early 20’s. He’s a lazy pot head who stays up most nights online playing First Person Shooter games, and spending his dads money, he dosen’t have a particular fondness of his dad.

Tracy: Michael’s Daughter typical spoiled Teen girl, assumed to be in her late teens, and like the other members of his family, dosen’t have the best relationship with Michael.

Chop: Franklin’s dog, seems loyal, has shown impressive feats such as jumping on a car hood, and according to Famitsu can be not only upgraded with new collars but can get lost apparently.

Lamar: Franklin’s childhood friend, is a gangster as well, and also works at the same Car dealership, he unlike Franklin, dosen’t seem to want to get out of the hood, and prefers his current life style over the high crime Franklin wants to get involved in.

-Siemon Yatarian: Albanian car dealer owner, whom employ’s Franklin and Lamar. He sells cars to people whom he knows can’t afford them, and then has Franklin and Lamar get them back leaving someone in his debt and allowing them to resell that car again. Shown to get into a conflict with Michael at one point.

Ron: Lives next door to Trevor, said to be a conspiracy theorist and said to be rather paranoid.

Michael’s Therapist: Looks to be a typical Shrink.

Franklin’s GF/Sister: Seen arguing with Franklin in Trailer 2, besides that nothing else is known of her believed to be either his sister, or Girlfriend.


-Combat takes elements from Max Payne 3

-Feature’s a combat jog were you can Jog and shoot in a run and gun fashioned

-You jog by default in combat, like RDR (assumed you can press the stick slightly forward if you only want to walk while in combat like in RDR)

-More Weapons than any other GTA according to Rockstar

-The Weapon selection is now done by a RDR Esq. weapon wheel the wheel shows how much ammo is in each clip/ammo pool for each weapon, the weapons them selves, the weapons stats in the right hand corner, as well as what mods the weapon has in the middle. (

-Melee weapons are believed to be under the same slot as the fist, since like RDR you keep weapons after you acquire them.

-Melee Combat has been overhauled to a freeform like Gameplay system

- Weapons can be modified with the following: Silencers, Laser Sights, Scopes, Grips, Flashlights, Extended Magazines, and trim colors, there is likely more to be revealed later on.

-Weapons have improved reloading animations, and unlike GTAIV, you can see slides cycling, magazines being discarded, and spent rounds ejecting, very much like Max Payne 3.

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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#3
Combat Cont.

-Aiming Reticule is a dot like RDR and MP3, it switches to a red X after you kill an enemy to confirm the kill.

-Aiming options include Hard Lock, Soft Lock, and Auto Aim.

-Each Protagonist has a green health bar which regenerate overtime to 50%.

-Weapon damage is dynamic (Meaning a Headshot will kill in one hit, and a foot shot won’t do as much as a shot to the torso) and some cover options are destructible.

-When getting out of a car when getting shot at you automatically get into cover, if you’re on the other side of the car from the shooters

-When shooting, or creating an explosion a red sound circle appears on the radar hinting to the radius from which enemies can find you easily, showing that Stealth this time will be a viable option.


-More Vehicles than any other GTA game according to Rockstar

-Vehicles range from Cars, Motorcycles, Bicycles, Helicopters to planes, and include things like Fighter Jets and Hyper cars among those categories.

-Pay ‘N Spray has been replaced by Los Santos Customs, a Modification Shop

-Modifications and services found at Los Santos Customs include the Following:

-Visuals: Body kits Bull bars, Exhaust tips, Grille, Lights (extra lights), Paint job, Spoilers, Wheels, Window tint

-Performance: Brakes, Engine, Intercooler, Nitro, Suspension, Tires, Turbocharger, Other upgrades that affect handling (assumed to be weight reduction)

-Misc: Armor, Horns, License plates, Roll cages, Runflat tires, Tire smoke color, and a General repair

-Some Missions require a modified car as part of the mission.

-Each part has it’s own brand name it appears

-Car handling feels less boat like than IV according to Dan Houser. According to Rockstar says it hasn’t became arcade like again

-According to a preview we can purchase our own cars now

-Cars we abandon no longer disappear they are sent to an impound lot and we can pay to retrieve them


-Each protagonist can buy their own houses

-You can buy businesses, such as a cab depot mentioned

-According to the last round of previews they also mentioned a Marina and a Helipad up for purchase but it wasn’t clear if these were separate properties, or if they were upgrades to properties

-You can invest in stocks


-More Radio stations than any other GTA, ranging from Electronic, to Classic Rock, to Reggae

-There is an ambient score like RDR that changes depending on what’s on screen, intense moments will likely have pulse pounding music, while moment s just cruising will likely be silent, or have some light music. The Radio will override the score.


-All previews listed here, at least the English ones:
I used that link so I didn't have to post the link to each preview my self



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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#4
In conlusion, this list is all notible infromation I could find for this list, it's mainly for use like I said for a quick refrence on this board, any comments and feedback would be more than welcome.

I will update and make a 1.1 when another major info release is done, and I will include a FAQ section as well, and maybe a Video section with links to each trailer.

You may post now. :D
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User Info: asdam_teabag

4 years ago#5
Fantastic topic. 10/10.

User Info: Big_Ed_Mustapha

4 years ago#6
Nice collection of info thanks!
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Thanks for the info TC,

some very kind person has made a rather nice HUD

One thing that bothers me, I cant make out how the map is so much larger, unless they mean playable area, ie houses/building interiors are included in this new size

might be wrong though

User Info: michaelkenneth

4 years ago#8
Sticky requested

User Info: mst3kfan78

4 years ago#9
Very good summation of the info. If you are still able to you may want to edit the posts where you use the word "Character". The misspellings you have just scream out to me, sorry.

Otherwise, good job.
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User Info: MrcTOtheJ

4 years ago#10
Sorry about the spelling mistakes, spell check must of had a moment lol.

Thanks for the support from everyone though.
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