Chainsaw confirmed in GTA 5?

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User Info: CarScuon

4 years ago#1
Aparently a chainsaw will be a usable weapon in gta 5?

what do you guys think? will it work out in the game?

User Info: just_blind_21

4 years ago#2

I want to run around a cause a massacre:)

User Info: Homie_202

4 years ago#3
Can you cut limbs off?

User Info: Glaciercano

4 years ago#4
I don't know. That site seems pretty shady...
Stealth people are not meant to kill robots

User Info: MEBCitadel

4 years ago#5
Not a reliable source
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User Info: ToucheAmore

4 years ago#6
fake as f***. I wish it was real though.

The most obvious part is when they list a pistol and AK with a silencer as a new weapon. A silencer is a weapon mod that can be added to weapons, it's not its own weapon.

User Info: mustachedmystic

4 years ago#7
If I can have one on Mars, why not Los Santos?
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User Info: Mike231132

4 years ago#8
They also claim that "soon than later it WILL be released on PC." This has not been confirmed. Last I checked R* wanted to make the best game they could for the consoles. This blog seems to be put together by a couple of 12 year olds.

User Info: DieMyBride

4 years ago#9
If any of this blog post was true, I'd be more happy about a whip being a weapon than a chainsaw.
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  3. Chainsaw confirmed in GTA 5?

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