What is the ONE thing that would RUIN this game for you ?

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  3. What is the ONE thing that would RUIN this game for you ?

User Info: HELLWOLF06

4 years ago#1
the one thing that would RUIN the game for me is if Rockstar did what Just Cause 2's development team did and not add an in game radio (unlikely that rockstar would do it tho) but what could also ruin it which is possible is if they copied the song list from Saints Row 3
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User Info: W00FWOOF1234

4 years ago#2
You make an annoying amount of topics but i'll bite:

Lack of a Rhino tank

User Info: Monolithic1984

4 years ago#3
Turn based fighting.

User Info: mst3kfan78

4 years ago#4
I can't really think of anything that would truly RUIN the game for me in terms of features. The only thing that would seriously bug the hell out of me would be if the driving camera was as wonky as it was in IV.
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User Info: Druff

4 years ago#5
PS2 era style driving.
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User Info: ToucheAmore

4 years ago#6
No Euphoria.
Bodies cannot get shot/affected after death.
No Bullet wounds.

User Info: CaIiber345

4 years ago#7
Lima beans.

I absolutely hate lima beans.
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User Info: bish0p2004

4 years ago#8
Nothing really. I do feel that I'm going to be slightly disappointed in a lot of things though because my expectations are through the roof.

User Info: Epic_McDude

4 years ago#9
CaIiber345 posted...
Lima beans.

I absolutely hate lima beans.

I'm with you right there, buddy!

Lima beans can go right to Hell!
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User Info: Wolf_J_Flywheel

4 years ago#10
cannon sci-fi stuff.
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  3. What is the ONE thing that would RUIN this game for you ?

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