Will you use a male or female character for Gta online?

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  3. Will you use a male or female character for Gta online?

User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#31
I'll be a dude and make him dress like me.
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User Info: Crazyman93

4 years ago#32
Chick. After following Trever, Micheal and Franklin around, I'll want to look at a chick.
Shotgunnova posted...
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User Info: Mike231132

4 years ago#33
I will use a male character.
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User Info: AndyMoeller

4 years ago#34
Slayer_22 posted...
Can we switch between male and female? That's what I'm curious about.

I would suppose there is some places in the game where you can do a re-make of your character.
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User Info: SuplexKirby

4 years ago#35
Female, just like I do in SR games. Way too many games these days are focus on generic white male leads. Plus, GTA5 have three dudes and no female so GTAO is my chance.

User Info: Rui_HBK

4 years ago#36
Will a female be strong enough for arm wrestling? xD

User Info: BeautyAndABeat

4 years ago#37
capnovan posted...
BeautyAndABeat posted...

can we create multiple characters?

I hope so.

User Info: MetaIGearRex

4 years ago#38
Male, because of the lip-sync voice stuff.

Its gonna be weird seeing a chick yell in a man's voice "PUT THE MONEY IN THE BAG!!".
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User Info: whiteboygene

4 years ago#39
^ you just made me realize I'll probably end up playing as a guy. I wanted to be female in this game because dem high heels and dat ass, but yeah I have a pretty deep voice... we'll see how it goes.
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User Info: Purple_Cheetah

4 years ago#40
But the deep voice is what sells it. Get some one all riled up and frisky, then you talk in your deep soothing romance voice.

Most likely female, depending on actual options.
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  3. Will you use a male or female character for Gta online?

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