What one realistic game flaw could seriously hurt your enjoyment of this game?

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  3. What one realistic game flaw could seriously hurt your enjoyment of this game?

User Info: Mambaru

4 years ago#81
Having to keep all of your cars gassed up. Middle of a getaway only to find you conk out. :)

User Info: KarpWhip

4 years ago#82
Mambaru posted...
Having to keep all of your cars gassed up. Middle of a getaway only to find you conk out. :)

So don't start a mission if your car is low on gas. Take a second to fill up first. Do you go into a mission with only 1/4 health?

User Info: singhellotaku

4 years ago#83
overpowered cops where a random stray bullet can kill you while driving was really annoying in 4

User Info: Moonbathing

4 years ago#84
The delay of GTA Online.

User Info: MEGAze

4 years ago#85
MikeH7186 posted...
Jason_Hudson posted...
I can't really think of anything other than the garages not being universal.

I would hate if they were Universal. This isn't Saints Row. Each garage should hold the vehicles that were placed in them. Not a collection of all your vehicles shared regardless where you are.

What do you mean "This isn't Saints Row."? Just because it's in Saints Row doesn't make it a bad feature. It's a sensible feature. You really want to go driving for 10 mins to find a particular car that you saved in a garage far from where you are, when there's one down the street that could be holding them all?

That's moronic.
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User Info: IceDragon77

4 years ago#86
If it has terrible driving controls like Saints Row, then I'd be really disappointed. Personally, I'm one of the few that loved the driving in GTA4. Once you got the hang of it, it was really comfortable.
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User Info: Dr_Mojo

4 years ago#87
Crippling control issues. It doesn't matter how amazing the game world or features of a game are - if the controls are frustrating to use, it's not fun.

Perfect example was AC:3. Everything about that game looked fantastic in theory, but once you started actually playing it the control scheme for almost every activity besides naval combat was so god-awful, the game wasn't even fun. Even the menu trees for crafting and weapon switching were poorly-implemented and laggy.

User Info: afrodude77

4 years ago#88
The Garages from 4 nothing was more frustrating than having my Sultan RS replaced by a random taxi garage`s are definitely something Saints Row does better

Also the majority of the missions being chase ones like in 4
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User Info: Chisoka

4 years ago#89
The one single thing that would seriously damage my enjoyment of the game would be if R* fail to include the option of changing the controller layout back to the "Classic" configuration of previous GTA games. They included the option in IV, and I certainly hope they keep it - at least for in-car control. For some reason I cannot get used to driving using the right and left triggers for acceleration and brakes, it's much more instinctive for me to use my right thumb for both. It's probably due to the fact that I've been driving for over 20 years and the accelerator and brakes are operated with my right foot - take right foot off the accelerator and apply the brake with the same foot - that way you don't inadvertently apply the brake at the same time as the accelerator, something that happens a lot with left and right triggers for driving. I've played games which use the right and left triggers - Sleeping Dogs, LA Noire, Saints Row, TDU, Dirt - and this has seriously affected my enjoyment of those games. I can just about drive normally using that method, but as far as racing goes, forget it.

User Info: jrb363

4 years ago#90
keybladeXIII posted...
UtterMoon posted...
Needing to eat in the game.

This, tbh.

I know San Andreas gets praise for it's whole stats thing, but I personally hated having to worry about my hunger, sex appeal, strength, etc. I don't mind it for my guns or whatever, but as for the actual characters, I hope we don't have stats for them. I find it distracting.

Same here. I felt like I was playing The Sims: GTA edition and it got old real fast. I really wanted to love the game but after Vice City I couldn't get into the micro-managing.
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  3. What one realistic game flaw could seriously hurt your enjoyment of this game?

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