New info about Chop.

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User Info: holden4ever

4 years ago#1

From the 36:25 mark. GTA talk starts at 9.25.

1- Chop will hop into the passenger seat of a car when playing as Franklin. They didn't say if this is possible whenever you want.

2- There's a ball in the weapon wheel meant to play Fetch with Chop.

Also, you can drive trains.

User Info: Raven_Shikumi

4 years ago#2
You can play fetch with your dog. Wow.

User Info: ToucheAmore

4 years ago#3
Raven_Shikumi posted...
You can play fetch with your dog. Wow.

Preorder cancelled. Twice.

User Info: YojimboFunk

4 years ago#4
But can you evolve Chop? And does anyone know which gang he is super effective against?

User Info: AKGunner

4 years ago#5
Chop should be playable character with story and dialogue, if this is not in final game, then preorder cancelled!!!
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User Info: Frolex

4 years ago#6
holden4ever posted...

2- There's a ball in the weapon wheel meant to play Fetch with Chop.

f*** the gravity gun, best video game weapon of all time right here.

User Info: masblas

4 years ago#7
I mean hasn't there been other video games with dogs as your sidekick? Still cool though to have and I saw somewhere he'll even attack enemies too which begs the question, can he die? What if I ran him over on accident?

User Info: liquidhurricane

4 years ago#8
Maybe I spent too much time playing the Fable game's but I was hoping Chop would do more than just be pretty much more or less decoration. Hopefully he'll be a bit more involved in some mission's than just a set piece.

User Info: magemaximus

4 years ago#9
well good thing he doesn't have to follow you around all the time. I found the dog annoying in fable 2 and 3.
You can't persuade fanboys. You'd be better off trying to convince a wall. ~CodeNamePlasmaSnake~

User Info: jeremysix

4 years ago#10
Maybe we can throw balls at pedestrians just like throwing empty coffee cups in GTA 4. LOL

That will scare them!
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