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32 gig usb

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User Info: crshovrr

4 years ago#1
Will this work to install the play disk using a sandisk cz60
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User Info: mercenary666666

4 years ago#2
There's literally like 50 topics about this. Yes, installing the play disc to a USB WILL WORK FINE.
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User Info: Maverickneo

4 years ago#3
8 Gb wont work.
I tried my 16Gb USB and it let me install it.

User Info: elguerodiablo

4 years ago#4
I dont know jack about usb flash drives. Which one should i get or what specs should I look for? Is xbox360 usb 1 2 or 3 for speed?

User Info: Owen

4 years ago#5
You want to make sure it has a 15mb+ transfer rate at least. Some stores like Walmart have some that say Xbox 360/PS3 approved and those should work. I have a 16 gig Sandisk Cruzer and it gives me a warning that it is below the recommend performance level but it seem to play the game fine so far with just the play disk installed on it. I noticed a few stutters here and there during the opening credit scene but I didn't see the pop in or missing textures like in the comparison video.

User Info: YojimboFunk

4 years ago#6
I'm using a crap $18 16gig usb stick from kmart and it's working perfectly fine.

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