Which stripper did YOU take home? (Stipper name spoilers and how to)

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  3. Which stripper did YOU take home? (Stipper name spoilers and how to)

User Info: ThePWBPoster

4 years ago#1
Me? You can take strippers home after a little private dance and avoiding Mr. Bouncer man.

Nikki! She instantly caught my eye man, them looks, that attitude. She even sends cell phone pics of her wearing bikinis, maybe more!

How about you?

I'm only asking this because I want to know which one caught yer eye (if you don't go to the club, don't reply to the topic).

She is now a contact on my phone and a instant hot coffee boost.

How to: Get the 'like' meter to max out during a private dance. WARNING: It will take a while, plus watch for the bouncer or you'll get thrown out if you do it three times. Win the dance game, take her home and enjoy.

User Info: Buried_Bones

4 years ago#2
I ended up winning the private dancing game. Forgot the girls name because that is how I roll. My car was too far away when we were leaving and she gave up and said F you. I snapped and beat her. She ended up dead in the doggie position. I had to take out the camera phone. But it wouldn't save because the servers are messed up. Lame.

User Info: theGman911

4 years ago#3
Get double teamed at the club. its pretty cool.

Not sure its a prerequisite but the way I did it was get a dance, fill the like meter, let the dance end and go back into the regular part of the club. Ask another girl for a dance and when she says, me at the room, you ask the girl that likes you to join and you go back there with BOTH.

User Info: Minion3

4 years ago#4
Beings that are born of dreams must return to them...
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User Info: HallowedBeLiam

4 years ago#5
Nikki and Infernus

User Info: the_coral

4 years ago#6
I first became smitten with Sapphire, got her like meter full, she invited me to her place, i didn't have a car ready and she got mad and left.

I went back and flirted with Cheetah. Got her like meter full but she "doesn't sleep around". I had her bring in Juliet for a double dance instead.

I went back and found Sapphire working, got her like meter full again, took her home for some fun.

Now i gots 2 girls texting me pictures.

I'd say Sapphire is my favorite.
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User Info: mrolympia78

4 years ago#7
I always get too hands-y and get tossed out of the club
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