Lester Missions (spoilers)

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User Info: emidas

4 years ago#1
I want to keep track of the companies that you should invest in prior to each Lester mission.

Mission 1: BettaPharmaceuticals (Bawsaq) stay away from Bilkinton
Mission 2: Debonaire (LCN) stay away from Redwood
Mission 3: Fruit (Bawsaq), stay away from Facade

If anyone can confirm the others, that would be great.
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User Info: adamclane99

4 years ago#2
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User Info: mbison

4 years ago#3
The Hotel Assassination -- Invest In Betapharmasuticals
The Multi Target Assassination -- Invest In Debonaire
The Vice Assassination -- Lester doesn't hint at Fruit shares during the initial conversation but unable to clarify due to BAWSAQ maintenance.
The Bus Assassination -- Same again for this mission. Lester suggests avoiding Vapid Motor Company, so sell if you have any shares in that company.
Construction Assassination -- Invest In Gold Coast Development. like if this helped

Got this info from Youtube.


User Info: Cr0ssFire_BlitZ

4 years ago#4
is there a time limit as to when you can invest I've already done two of the assassination missions with Franklin. Question is does it matter or is it too lat to invest in BET or the other cigarette company
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User Info: emidas

4 years ago#5
For the 3rd mission, Lester does indeed mention investing in Fruit. I can confirm that.

The general idea is to invest right before the mission so you get the full effect.
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User Info: pyromania86

4 years ago#6

User Info: tomessi666

4 years ago#7
Sorry, I just tried, Fruit only went up about 3%, so that doesn't work... I think I actually might've lost about 1000 dollars, so I suggest you don't invest a lot of money into Fruit

User Info: Lazyb0y217

4 years ago#8
I did the Vice Assassination last night. Turned off Autosave.

The iFruit stock was at about $227 a share before i started. i invested everything for each character, which was $28 million each.

After the mission i checked the stocks periodically as it kept climbing. in About 5-10 minutes real time the stocks went up to $951 a share. I created a quick save slot, and then I went to go save in the safe house in another save slot to let the time go by. When i went to check the stocks, it had gone down to about $783 a share.

I tried to load the quicksave file which was $951 but when i Checked Baws it was again at $783 a share. I sold all my stocks in fear of it dropping more, each character now had around $35million now (about a $7Million return)

User Info: MrMojoRisin357

4 years ago#9
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User Info: d00_d00_h34d

4 years ago#10
For the bus assassination, make sure you buy Vapid stocks AFTER the assassination. They'll drop pretty much immediately after the mission and after a while (don't remember how long exactly) they'll go back up again.
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