how can I affect stock?

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User Info: yay4pachirisu

4 years ago#1
besides doing Lester missions, can I affect how the stock market goes?

For instance, my Cluck-n-bell stocks have been **** since I started the game. If I go guns blazing in Burger Shot, will that increase the Cluck-n-bell stocks?

User Info: ScRui

4 years ago#2
Wondering this too...

I got pet food company stock LOL... Have no idea how to raise it
"Be Smart @ Being Stupid & You'll NEVER Lose"

User Info: SpacedDuck

4 years ago#3
Problem is you can't enter cluck's. I heard investing in car insurance and then damaging lots of vehicles will raise that. I just bought a ton of car insurance stock and destroyed like 200 cars on the freeway. Went up 50 cents lol. I'm so lost at stocks.

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User Info: MeilOfVaya

4 years ago#4
Yeah, can't quite get a handle on how you are supposed to affect anything.

Chose Binco to try and affect prices. Noted the price, and then blasted the inside of both Binco stores and set a fire with the gas can. The message said "Binco is closed right now", so it would stand to reason that that would affect the stock. But it didn't do anything.

Also blew up a few taco trucks, hoping it would cause the stock of a competing taco business to rise. But again, nothing.
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User Info: ScRui

4 years ago#6
"Be Smart @ Being Stupid & You'll NEVER Lose"
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  3. how can I affect stock?

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