Merryweather stock (post game spoilers)

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User Info: Vengeance29

4 years ago#1
After I finished the game, Merryweather stock value obviously took a dive. That guy who owns it sends you an email basically saying "You ****ed with me but actually helped me because you allowed me to buy all of Drevin's stock at a really cheap price". I figured that this was an opportunity to buy a heap of it and it would eventually recover.

Anyone that's also finished the game know whether this is the case? I sort of realised afterward that being the antagonists and dicks in general, maybe Rockstar made it so they stay completely ruined at the end?
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User Info: mechlixt

4 years ago#2
i would like to know too, i invested alot into it and so far it isnt going back up

User Info: storyteller

4 years ago#3
My post game time is in the ballpark of 8 hours. I picked up 35m of Merryweather stock a couple hours after finishing the main story. Right now I'm showing a profit of 800K.
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User Info: JESSITO

4 years ago#4
I would also like to know this, bump.

User Info: jesse0174

4 years ago#5
My Merrywheater was at its high $35, after the last mission it dropped to $4.4, so i invested from all 3 characters 25 million in it. Now it is rising and falling a bit. At its highest point it was just above 5 dollars and my total profit would be 5 million each so 15 million total.

Im now waiting for it to rise so i can get the golf course

User Info: nWoStyle

4 years ago#6
How long did the Merryweather stock take to 'normalize' back to the ~$30 range?
I've been having frank sleep for 14 game days (2 sleeps = 1 game day) and other than slight price fluctuation in terms of pennies, nothing is going on.
That's not suspicious at all!
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User Info: jesse0174

4 years ago#7
It isnt rising that much with me either. It goes up and down but never really high. Highest point i have seen was 6 dollars. Since i invested 75 million on 4.4 dollars that is an increase of ~35%~. so i saw my profit would be a bit more as 25 million, and since im greedy i decided to wait just a bit longer and then it started to drop again. So im still waiting for it to actually go back or at least in the direction of the original number
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  3. Merryweather stock (post game spoilers)

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